Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 14, 2017

That was a forward pass - and the referees don’t get a free one

Montgomery MartyThe Big Hoss on the Ponderosa is sitting, ready to choke on his favorite Cuban stogie after watching the ‘Skins choke in week one.

Captain Kirk was spotty, but the defense was trainspottin’. The offense showed moments of hope, but the Big “D” took off down the slippery slope.

And with all that said, we was in it to win it and cou’dve done it.

Everyone but the referee - well even the referee - knew that was an incomplete pass.

If the fix is in for the NFL it’s upstairs in the booth. Everybody on earth knew that was a blocked pass and not a fumble. If the Hawgs are gonna lose - let it be because of their horrible play - not a horrible play call by a referee with a Jimmie Cone for a brain. Last week Marty went 15-3 proving he’s better than any NFL referee and bring his total up to 29-6 for the season.

So let’s take a look at the local fun coming up this week:

Damascus 54

Rockville 1

The Swarmin’ Hornets are a stompin’ and a kickin’ and runnin’ on all cylinders once again. They stay at home this week to destroy Rockville - Marty gives them one point for not having jerseys the same color as The Donald’s hair. But otherwise they’re as doomed as Donald at a Rainbow Rally.

Northwest 38

Seneca Valley 35

This is Marty’s favorite matchup this week. Rivals. Friday night football at Northwest. It’s a Black Hole for anyone who enters. Seneca Valley under Fred Kim. Hit. Smash. Joe Piscopo. Sports. Arggh!

Quince Orchard 24

Clarksburg 10

A big north county rivalry and one of the the games of the week this week in Marty’s book. But here’s the thing campers: Marty knows a loser when he sees one and the Coyotoes just don’t have the howls in their jowls to overcome the Q.O. Cougars. 

Sherwood 17

Einstein 10

The Stormin’ Warriors of Sherwood had easy pickin’s and a running clock in week one while Einstein bested Gaithersburg. It won’t be as easy for Sherwood this week - especially coming off a loss to Damascus. But the result will be on in the win column.

Paint Branch 35

Whitman 10

It’s early enough in the season still to say that Paint Branch won’t choke. Especially since they are playing a team that got blanked 34-0 by Landon in week one.Marty could be wrong now - but he doesn’t think so. Remember it’s a jungle out there!

Blake 10

Magruder 3

One of two games this week which have the half empty stands emptied except for parents by half time. Blake at least put up nine points last week and 17 in week one. Magruder has only one touchdown in two games.

Blair 35

Wheaton 17

Blair handled Watkins Mill in week one while getting pummeled by Q.O. last week. Wheaton absolutely destroyed Northwood - kind of like saying they destroyed an anklebiter team. Marty still believes in Blair - but if they lose to Wheaton Marty will have serious doubts.

Churchill 28

Gaithersburg 3

Churchill came close to beating rival Wootton last week and Gaithersburg came close to not showing up against Seneca Valley.

Kennedy 2

Northwood 0

Kennedy has been outscored 75-12 this season while Northwood has been outscored 94-6. Neither team has an offense or a defense. This game could probably cure insomnia. Marty never picks ties because he doesn’t want to kiss his sister. But this is the second game this week that will be hard to watch. 

Springbrook 21

Walter Johnson 7

Look at this way W.J. fans, you are no longer faithful followers of the worst team in Montgomery County.

Not the best either.

B-CC 12

Watkins Mill 10

This was a tough one for Marty pick. B-CC looks better than they have in years. Watkins Mill looks equally mediocre. It could go either way, but Marty likes the topsider crowd at B-CC. They’ll be better dressed any way.

R.M. 28

Wootton 10

Wootton stood stout last week against their rivals at Churchill, but Marty has seen no sign this team can stop an off-tackle run. They don’t even run a defense that gives itself the ability to stop an off-tackle run.

Three down lineman will only guarantee running lanes for R.M.

Poolesville 10

Winters Mill 14

The battle of the farm plows ends with a classic take down.

Bullis 35

Avalon 6

Avalon has been playing out of its league for so long the latest rumor is they’ve applied to play in the NFL so they can lose there too.

Good Counsel 28

Spalding 10

Marty saw Good Counsel get surprised last week. But they’re home against Archbishop Spaulding. Sorry the Archbishop there is no match for the archbishop legacy at Good Counsel.

Georgetown Prep 17

Gonzaga 18

Another tough one to call. but this Catholic boy picks the boys from D.C. over Paro’s boys at Prep.

Landon 35

Boys Latin 7

The Latin boys don’t have Tony Soprano on their side, so the best they can hope against Landon is they don’t get a running clock.

It’ll be close.

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