Montgomery Marty’s Weekly Picks for Sept. 21, 2017

Hawgs back on top – but still have a ways to go

Montgomery MartyThe mighty Hawgs are back on top this week and Captain Kirk Cousins’ late touchdown pass gave this Buckin’ Bronco some hope for the season.
But the ‘Skins still need a better defensive scheme - some of that Packers “Nitro” might be good. We definitely got the personnel for it.
Meanwhile, two tough games are coming up for Hawgs fans. We win one of these two and watch out, NFL.
In high school action this week the High n’ Mighty thinks something mighty strange is going on.
Only three games were competitive - and only one was settled by one point. Blow outs ruled last week with Quince Orchard beating Clarksburg like a red-headed stepchild. The clock was spinning more than running.
A couple of teams have byes this week, so it’s going to be a light week - which might be good. Maybe a week of rest will help out.
For the rest of the teams out there, quit playing “Madden” and start playing some real football. At least learn how to stop the off-tackle run.
There’s a few good games this week so keep your fingers crossed:

Damascus 70
Magruder -5
Damascus will have the second string in by the second series of downs and still face a spinning clock. This game will be over - literally- before the sun goes down and Damascus fans will be home in time for a Jimmie cone before it closes. The stands will be empty before halftime.

Northwest 42
Gaithersburg 3
Years ago this would’ve been a game of the week. But that was then and this is now and that’s all the philosophy this prognosticator can handle on an empty stomach.

Paint Branch 35
Blair 21
This could be a pretty good matchup, but Blair’s got two things going against it. First; it’s a home game for Paint Branch. Secondly, it’s still in the first half of the season before Paint Branch traditionally chokes.

Poolesville 21
Blake 17
On paper this is a close game between two untested and relatively unknown teams. On the field it’ll be just as close. But ole’ Marty’s heart still rests with those farmer boys sittin’ on that sack of wildwood seeds.

Quince Orchard 35
Bullis 31
It’s the public vs. private. The Average Joes vs. Ben Stiller’s Dodgeball buddies. It’s Marty’s game of the week. Pat Cilento has a great team, good coaches, but he’s headed into Cougar Country and will be looking at a public school mauling.

Seneca Valley 35
Watkins Mill 17
Seneca Valley got a hurtin’ put on it by rival Northwest last week. It’s the kind of hurt that causes tough teams to rebound and kick the tea bags out of the next opponent.
Unfortunately Watkins Mill is in the sights for Fred Kim’s bunch and they have to travel to Seneca Valley to get their whuppin’.

Clarksburg 28
Springbrook 21
This is another case of a good team, this time the Coyotes, coming off a humiliating defeat. Last week Clarksburg got torched, turned to ashes and scattered in a strong wind after Quince Orchard got ahold of them. This week they meet Springbrook who is coming off a close victory against, ahem, Walter Johnson. It’s a home game for Springbrook which gets them a touchdown closer, but they won’t get the big basso profundo.

Sherwood 35
Richard Montgomery 28
Richard Montgomery has a stout running game, a great head coach and very good defense. Sherwood is Sherwood and are still the big boys on the block until someone proves otherwise.
RM is still trying to prove itself - so the question is this week can they?

Wootton 35
Rockville 3
Wootton has put up 109 points so far in three games. These Patriots have absolutely no problem scoring. Rockville? Well the dreamsickle crew has put up a tepid 23 points. Wootton doesn’t have much of a defense, but Rockville has no offense. Do the math.

Churchill 21
Whitman 7
Churchill game roared back to life last week. Whitman showed no life last week. If the trend continues, then put a fork in Whitman. They’re done.

Einstein 28
Wheaton 21
This was a tough one for Marty to pick. Marty loves making fun of Wheaton over the years - and also likes making fun of the eggheads at Einstein. But both of these teams are looking good this year. This should be a game worth watching.

B-CC 10
Northwood 3
Absolutely no truth to the rumor that Northwood will fail to show up – even less truth to the rumor B-CC won’t show up for a home game.

Kennedy 21
Walter Johnson 14
Another battle for mediocrity among two teams who used to compete for the absolute worst in the county. Mediocrity, in other words, is a step up.

Good Counsel 35
Bishop Sullivan 21
The Falcons recovered nicely last week after an uncharacteristic loss. They’ll checkmate the Bishop this week too.

Gonzaga 50
Avalon 10
The Catholic boys are going to tear it up this week in-between the walls and outside at Gonzaga.
The boys at Avalon must be into self-loathing by scheduling teams that will undeniably decimate them. Avalon will be lucky to get out of Gonzaga with their jerseys intact.
Gonzaga will use the Water Boy by the second half.


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