Wheaton girls neutralize Blake in basketball 50-41

Wheatons Crystal Jones 13 drives the lane past Blakes Alexandra Konzmann 11. PHOTO BY GEORGE SMITHWheaton's Crystal Jones (13) drives the lane past Blake's Alexandra Konzmann (11).    PHOTO BY GEORGE SMITH  SILVER SPRING — The Wheaton Knights held down the Blake Bengals in girls’ basketball to finish 50-41.

It was neck and neck throughout the entire game, as both teams had trouble putting points on the board. The Bengals had open shots in abundance but missed enough of them to impact their game.

“Shots are like rain, sometimes it drips, sometimes it pours, and we’re going to start having some things pour,” said Blake head coach Christopher Towle.

The Knights had aim issues but to a lesser extent. A stubborn Bengals defense held back the Knights from scoring more.

It was not a high-scoring game for either side, but some players had a particularly good night. Senior point guard Crystal Jones posted 27 points and was a dominant force in the game; so much so in fact that Jones scored 10 points in the third quarter, and was the only player that scored in the third quarter for the Knights. Senior Knights forward Lateefat Alli scored 10 points Monday night to help out.

On the other side of the coin, Bengals senior guard Kennedy Love posted 12 points for the home team as their highest scorer.

The game started off with the Bengals edging out the Knights to end the first quarter with a one-point lead, at 9-8. Love went on a scoring streak and posted seven out of the nine points in the first quarter, while Jones made five points.

Cracks started to show in the second quarter for the Bengals, as they started off strong but could have been stronger if more of their shots went in.

Foul trouble in the second quarter hurt the Bengals, and the Knights went on a late quarter streak to finish off a point ahead to go into halftime 23-22.

The second half put the nail in the coffin for the Bengals, as the Knights held the Bengals to only four points in the third quarter as they posted 10, all from Jones. Senior Bengals Sydney Gray and Alex Konzmann, a guard and forward respectively, scored two points apiece for the Bengals’ only four points in the third quarter.

A second wind in the final quarter gave the Bengals some more competitiveness, but it was not enough to make up for their previous mistakes.

Aggressiveness hurt the Bengals, as they sent the Knights to the foul line six times in the fourth quarter. The last five points from the Knights came from the free throw line.

“It’s our game, as long as we relax,” said Wheaton head coach Michelle Snupe.



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