Blake Swim & Dive dominates Magruder 195-175

Aaron Stanton (Blake) finishes the 200-yard Freestyle Relay in the Blake v Magruder Swim & Dive Meet at the Olney Swim Center. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTHAaron Stanton of Blake finishes in first place the final leg of the 200-yard Freestyle Relay in the Blake v Magruder Swim & Dive Meet at the Olney Swim Center.  PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  OLNEY — On Saturday in a swim meet against Magruder at Olney Swim Center, the Blake Bengals dominated the Magruder Colonels in the overall score 195-175.* The Bengals varsity boys came out ahead of the Colonels 123-62, while the Magruder varsity girls triumphed over Blake 113-72.  

For more than 10 years, Sunil Surprenant and Miles Brown have been swimming together, at first during the summertime break at neighborhood pools. Surprenant remembered his first swim meet against Brown when they were six and eight years old, respectively.

"My first race ever was against him. I lost by like 20 seconds," Surprenant said.

Since that early beginning, Surprenant and Brown now both compete in swim meets during the summer for Stonegate Swim Club and during the winter for Hubert Blake High School. 

Surprenant, Brown, Noah Ferguson and Aaron Stanton of the Blake Bengals came in first place to win the 200-yard freestyle relay. In addition to that victory, Brown won first place in the 50-yard freestyle, and Stanton came in first in the 100-yard freestyle and 100-yard backstroke. Surprenant also competed as a part of the 400-yard freestyle relay team that placed first a full seven seconds ahead of the Magruder team.

Natalie Dobrzykowski of Magruder finishes first in the 100-yard Butterfly. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTHNatalie Dobrzykowski of Magruder finishes first in the 100-yard Butterfly.                         PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  Similarly, the girls on the Magruder 200-yard relay team is also made up of childhood summer swim teammates. Riley Powell, Bridget O'Hara and Madelyn Ceely have been together at Mill Creek Towne in the summer since they were six years old, and now as sophomores each play key roles in the Lady Colonels first place position this season. Sammie Perry fills the fourth spot on the relay team that finished more than three seconds ahead of the Blake relay team at the meet.

Powell also finished first in the 200-yard individual medley and the 100-yard breaststroke, while O'Hara placed first in the 100-yard freestyle and 100-yard backstroke.

Swimming: First place finishers




200-yard Medley Relay

Miles Brown, Max Troutman, Jonik Surprenant, Johnny Martin 1:45.75 (Blake)

Natalie Dobrzykowski, Riley Powell, Vivian Caonguyen, Kelly Reid 1:57.06 (Magruder)

200-yard Freestyle

Jonik Surprenant 1:52.27 (Blake)

Natalie Dobrzykowski 2:04.41 (Magruder)

200-yard IM

Johnny Martin 2:15.69 (Blake)

Riley Powell 2:21.56 (Magruder)

50-yard Freestyle

Miles Brown 22.31 (Blake)

Vivian Caonguyen 26.42 (Magruder)

100-yard Butterfly

Juancarlos Ramirez 55.82 (Magruder)

Natalie Dobryzykowski 1:02.77 (Magruder)

100-yard Freestyle

Aaron Stanton 51.18 (Blake)

Bridget O'Hara 56.72 (Magruder)

500-yard Freestyle

Quintin Cheadle 5:05.50 (Magruder)

Kiera Ceely 5:37.60 (Magruder)

200-yard Freestyle Relay

Miles Brown, Sunil Surprenant, Noah Ferguson, Aaron Stanton 1:37.14 (Blake)

Riley Powell, Bridget O'Hara, Madelyn Ceely, Sammie Perry 1:48.34 (Magruder )

100-yard Backstroke

Aaron Stanton 58.35 (Blake)

Bridget O'Hara 1:04.29 (Magruder)

100-yard Breaststroke

Max Troutman 1:07.78 (Blake)

Riley Powell 1:10.66 (Magruder)

400-yard Freestyle Relay

Jonik Surprenant, Sunil Surprenant, Aaron Stanton, Johnny Martin 3:35.68 (Blake)

Kelly Reid, Vivian Caonguyen, Bridget O'Hara, Natalie Dobrzykowski 3:56.88 (Magruder)

Diving: Boys

Ben Ostrinsky (Magruder) 177.75

Andrew Gabriel (Blake) 110.3

Carson Powell (Magruder) 96.6

Ryan Keegan (Blake) 61.5

Diving: Girls

Alexa Young (Magruder) 154.85

Sydney Ruckdeschel (Blake) 136.15

Blake Posada (Magruder) 112.65

Ella Jacobs (Blake) 94.95

*Points are scored in each event based on how each swimmer places. The top five swimmers score points: first place finisher scores six points, second place scores four points, third place scores three points, fourth place scores two points and fifth place scores one point. 



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