Kennedy crushes Wheaton in girls lacrosse 6-3

Kennedy’s Aalayah Dorsey celebrates a goal as she’s mobbed by teammates.  PHOTO BY MIKE CLARKKennedy’s Aalayah Dorsey celebrates a goal as she’s mobbed by teammates. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARK  SILVER SPRING — From a first-half struggle to a second-half blowout, the Kennedy Cavaliers beat the Wheaton Knights 6-3 in a varsity girls’ lacrosse rivalry game Tuesday night.

The two rivals met on a cold night, Wheaton with two wins so far and looking to start an unbeaten streak with a third while Kennedy had a 1-1 record.

After the game, both teams are on equal footing with a 2-1 record.

It was a first half that brought out an impressive showing from both teams, although the Cavaliers evidently had the edge. They played more aggressively and controlled the ball better on the Knights’ side, leaving their defense relatively relaxed.

“I think that today Kennedy came out stronger and they gave momentum and they kept momentum throughout the game,” said Wheaton head coach Kimberly Taylor.

The Knights took advantage of an unsuspecting defense when they scored their two goals, exposing gaps as they took less but more precise shots.

Kennedy attacker Aalayah Dorsey scored a hat trick in the first quarter, and in turn making all three shots that the Cavaliers scored in the first half. Her first goal was from a penalty shot, while her next two came in from the sides.

“I think that I just put a lot of practice into making those same type of goals and practice shows that practice makes perfect,” said Dorsey.

Wheaton midfielder Constance Nwaigwe scored first for the Knights with an unimpeded dash to the goal that ended in a close-range shot into the net.

Seconds after Nwaigwe’s goal, Wheaton midfielder Alahna Smith plowed through the Kennedy defense in a stunner that gave the Knights their only lead of the game, a lead that would end once Dorsey completed her hat trick.

The second half showed a frustrated Knights team against a Cavaliers team that took every shot that came their way.

Even more frustrating for Wheaton was the first goal they scored, since it was an own goal by their goalkeeper Samantha Jacobson that widened the lead to two points.

Kennedy midfielder Liantsoa Randrianarivelo scored her first goal from range as she beamed the shot past a thick fog of white-clad Knights players. Randrianarivelo was hungry for her goal the entire game, and as a veteran on the team, the missed shots throughout the match frustrated her until this point.

Wheaton attacker Fernanda Vasquez scored the last point for the Knights, and then Randrianarivelo responded with a goal of her own for the Cavaliers with a few minutes to spare to put their rivals down for good.

“I have my No. 7 (Randrianarivelo), she’s my main top scorer this year,” said Kennedy head coach Nicole Brown.



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