Blake Bengals annihilate Kennedy Cavs in softball 19-2

Kennedy Cavaliers catcher Cielo Alvarez (18) is left hanging as the Blake Bengals’ Grace Griffin (6) belts a triple. PHOTO BY GEORGE P. SMITHKennedy Cavaliers catcher Cielo Alvarez (18) is left hanging as the Blake Bengals’ Grace Griffin (6) belts a triple. PHOTO BY GEORGE P. SMITH  SILVER SPRING — The final score for the varsity softball game Monday evening between the Blake Bengals and the visiting Kennedy Cavaliers resembles that of a lopsided football game, but instead it was the result of sheer domination, as the Bengals beat the Cavaliers, 19-2.

The game only went up to the fifth inning, although the Bengals showed no mercy as the game went on.

“I think it was definitely a full team effort. We did what we needed to do from the beginning,” said Bengals head coach Nicole Wallace.

Some credit goes to the Cavaliers for the Bengals’ win, however, as they struggled in nearly all positions and routine errors dug a deeper hole for the visitors.

The game started off slow for the Bengals, at least compared to the rest of the game. Three runs scored in the first inning gave the Bengals a hefty but not insurmountable lead over the Cavaliers.

As a foreshadowing of what was to come, the first run was scored off of an error by freshman catcher Cielo Alvarez.

“Hits the corners really, really well, which weren’t being called tonight, but she did a phenomenal job,” said Cavaliers head coach Amanda Twele of senior pitcher Melany Moran. Moran was the highlight of the Cavaliers’ squad, as the infield and catcher’s performance dampened her consistency.

The Bengals scored a game-low two runs in the second inning, but no one could have predicted the domination in the third inning.

Ten runs in the third inning alone sealed the Cavaliers’ fate. The first two innings were an indicator of how the game was to play out, but the third inning and the massive amount of runs sped up the process and brought the hammer down on the visitors.

It was as methodical as clockwork: either a botched catch allowed a runner to get home or a walk pushed all the runners up a base, including the Bengals player on third base, for a run.

The fourth inning brought two runs for the Cavaliers and four from the Bengals, and an early finish at the top of the fifth ended the game mercifully.

“It was kind of hard to perform as well as we could have because this isn’t really a high stakes game for us. We know that. They know that. But it was still good to come out on top and get a lot of runs in,” said Bengals third baseman Keza Levine.



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