Einstein Titans take down Blair Blazers in baseball, 3-1

Einstein Titans vs. Blair BlazersSILVER SPRING — It was a battle of near equals Monday night, as the visiting Einstein Titans varsity baseball team went up against the Montgomery Blair Blazers and came out on top after a last-minute surge in the seventh inning.

Before the game, the Blazers had a 10-6 record and the Titans were at 9-7. With the Titans victory, both teams are on equal footing and the race for the playoffs starts to take shape.

“Me, myself, I had a chance to go home and sleep but I didn’t go to sleep, I just stayed in the cage to hit because I know it was an important game for them and us,” said Montero.

The game started off sluggish, with both teams adept at cancelling the other out.

It wasn’t until the third quarter that a run was scored for the Blazers, when Edi Montero stole home with the help of an error by Titans catcher James Heffley.

A double play in the fourth inning cut a promising run by the Blazers short, while the fifth inning had little of note.

The luck for the Titans seemed to do an about-face as they changed pitchers from Evan Hall to Colin Brown, and the team also hit harder as the game wound down.

“Evan Hall started the game and he pitched great, five innings, really, really strong. I just wanted to go to Colin [Brown] for the last two innings. I knew we would get good performances from both of them,” said Titans head coach Joe Rydzewski.

The Titans finally scored and tied up the game in the sixth inning off of a grounder that proved too slippery for the Blazers to catch. Heffley managed to make it home and score the equalizer.

The seventh inning brought the hammer down on the Blazers, as time had almost run out to make a comeback. Two errors by Blazers catcher Jason Lott helped bring home Hall and Brown on separate plays.

It was a quick end for the Blazers in this last inning, as all three players were out as quickly as they came up to the plate.

“We didn’t execute offensively when we needed to. We had lots of opportunities to move runners and score runs, we just didn’t when we needed to,” said Blazers head coach Eric Zolkiewicz.





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