Landon Bears take down Good Counsel in Capitol Hoops game, 69-54

Canin Reynolds (2) of Landon uses his speed and hops to score over Good Counsel's Dayjuan Waters. Reynolds was the game's high scorer with 25 points. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARKCanin Reynolds (2) of Landon uses his speed and jumps to score over Good Counsel's Dayjuan Waters. Reynolds was the game's high scorer with 25 points. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARK  HYATTSVILLE — The quick one-two punch of Landon guards Canin Reynolds and Kino Lilly proved to be too much for their opponents as the Landon Bears took down the Good Counsel Falcons 69-54 Tuesday night in the Capitol Hoops Summer League at DeMatha Catholic High School.

“I love Kino because he can shoot and I can always count on him to knock it down,” said Reynolds.

“Canin helps me get open shots because he can drive and kick, he does really well at that,” said Lilly.

At the start of the second half, Landon was down 29-28 after the Falcons had halted the Bears’ hot start.

“We picked up our defensive intensity,” said Good Counsel coach Anthony Guy. “The first couple minutes they were able to get any look they wanted but we turned up the ball pressure and got some hands in the passing lanes, turned them over, got some stops and that got us back in the game.”

Landon's Kino Lilly (21) proved too fast for the Good Counsel defense as Lilly puts up 19 points. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARKLandon's Kino Lilly (21) proved too fast for the Good Counsel defense as he scored 19 points for the game. PHOTO BY MIKE CLARK  The Falcons keyed in on Landon’s leading scorer Lilly to hold him to four first-half points and forced the Bears as a team into six first-half turnovers.

“They were pressuring the ball out of my hands and denied me the ball pretty well, too,” said Lilly.

However, during the second half, the dynamic duo came alive.

“We were just using our speed to our advantage,” said Reynolds on the Bears’ second half. “We hurried the ball up the floor. When [Good Counsel] scored, we pushed the ball up. When they missed, we pushed the ball up.”

Reynolds was cold from deep, but glided through the defense to pour in 14 second-half points and finished with 25 to go along with nine rebounds and five assists.

Meanwhile, Lilly shook off the first-half slump and dropped 15 points in the second half. He ended the game with 19 points.

“We feed off each other,” said Reynolds. “So once me and Kino get going, it’s unstoppable because you cannot stop both of us.”

On the defensive end, Landon took their speed up a notch to force the Falcons into six second-half turnovers, with three coming on consecutive possessions that helped build the Bears’ lead.

“We had some mental lapses,” said Guy. “When the game gets tight, with some young guys they get that urge to try to make a play or hit a home run, but you are really looking for that single to try to add the things up.”

With six minutes left in the game, the lead that had stretched all the way to 17 points had been cut to nine. The Good Counsel defense had been mounting on Reynolds with the ball at the top of the key as the shot clock wound down, when Reynolds made a play.

He hit a dribble combo, crossed over to get past the first defender, sped past the next, then double-clutched a layup to kill the Falcons momentum.

Good Counsel never closed the nine-point gap for the remainder of the game.

“Canin is our engine,” Landon coach Larry Franklin said. “He keeps us going and going. He is the kid on our team right now that when we need something to happen, he can make it happen, defensively or offensively.”



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