Redbirds pummel T-Bolts in Cal Ripken League game

Baltimore Redbirds vs. Silver Spring Takoma ThunderboltsSILVER SPRING — It was a constant assault of runs on the Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts in Friday night’s game against the visiting Baltimore Redbirds that the home team just could not withstand.

The game ended 18-5, a lopsided result that showed how relentless the Redbirds were in dispatching the T-Bolts.

“We got the big hit when we needed the hit, and we had good at-bats,” said Redbirds manager Tom Eller.

Before and after the game the Redbirds were at the top of the Cal Ripken Collegiate North division, while the Thunderbolts stayed steady in fourth place.

The night started slow, as the first two innings were scoreless, but the third inning saw the Redbirds score four runs.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbolts struggled at the plate as the visitors’ outfield was quick to deny most hits and the Redbirds’ pitching was frustrating them.

The first two runs for the Redbirds came off of singles by outfielder Carl Gindl and catcher Will Harless. A double by infielder Kevin Madden brought two players home for four runs in the third.

But the four runs in the third inning wasn’t the most impressive feat the Redbirds pulled. In two separate innings they scored five runs.

At the top of the fifth, two doubles brought home two players each time, plus one more run for good measure. In the seventh inning, the Redbirds brought home three players at once and followed up with two more runs to tack on another five more to the scoreboard.

In the sixth, the Redbirds scored three runs, and they ended their scoring at the top of the eighth with a bang as infielder Joe Zirolli hit an out-of-the-park dinger.

As for the Thunderbolts, their shining moment came in the sixth inning, where they put up four runs. Pitcher Jack Schroeder hit a triple to left field to bring in three of his teammates, and a single by outfielder Ace Felder brought home a fourth.

“This is one of those games where you have nothing to lose, so you might as well swing for the fences really,” said Schroeder.

The Thunderbolts gave a parting shot when a single by infielder Hunter Pearre brought home infielder Matt Ballance in the bottom of the ninth.

“They could feel that we weren’t really here to dominate, and they hit the ball,” said Thunderbolts head coach Doug Remer.



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