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Bongino picks another race to run in MoCo

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Published on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

By Donna Broadway

FREDERICK – Dan Bongino is back. The republican candidate who vied for the senate seat held by incumbent democrat Sen. Ben Cardin in the 2012 general election announced Tuesday his intention to run for the sixth congressional district’s seat.

This district encompasses most of western Maryland, including portions of Montgomery and Frederick Counties and all of Garrett, Allegany and Washington Counties. The area is currently represented by democrat John Delaney.

At a press conference held at the American Legion in Frederick, Bongino’s wife of nine years, Paula, stood by his side as he declared his candidacy.  Bongino, who was originally rumored to be a candidate for governor, said it was in the best interest of his party and his family to run for the seat. Bongino joked his wife said “here we go again” as they walked into the press conference.

In the Senate race, Bongino took more than 26 percent of the vote, with the majority of those votes coming from the sixth district. Cardin received more than 55 percent of the vote and Montgomery County’s Rob Sohbani, an independent, received more than 16 percent of the vote.

“The last race was tough. There is no question,” Bongino said. “Maryland is an interesting state because it’s too small to fly, so you have to drive, but it’s not a small state either. Truth be told, we’re in a lot of trouble. We considered sitting out, but I couldn’t. My heart is in this, my passion is in this. There is nothing I want to do more than to get in there. I think you need a real voice in Maryland, someone who is not afraid. I just couldn’t stay out the fight.”

Bongino, who lives in Severna Park, said the fact that he lives outside of the district does not affect his standing with voters, citing Rep. John Delaney, who also lives outside the district in Potomac in district eight, which Rep. Chris Van Hollen represents.

“We have looked at properties in the district quite a bit, but if living in the district mattered, John Delaney wouldn’t be your congressman. We spent a lot of time here. I don’t think our Frederick, Allegany, Garrett, Washington, and Montgomery ties are in question. We were on the ground in every parade and every event. We won these counties folks, we won them handily. We didn’t lose here. This race is going to be tough but living out of district doesn’t absolve you the responsibility to know the issues. We know the issues, we have done all our homework, we’ve been there, and we’ve been on the ground. And I guarantee you that we’re going to be here so much that the question is going to be the opposite,” Bongino said.

With just one republican congressman, Andy Harris of district one – which encompasses areas of Eastern Baltimore County and Harford and Carroll Counties, as well as the entire Eastern Shore – the 2014 general election may be difficult for republicans. Bongino is confident that after the 2014 election, he and several republicans will join Del. Andy Harris.

“This is not a 7-1 state. We have eight representatives in Congress. Are you going to tell me that seven of them represent seven eighths of Maryland. Seriously? We are entitled to a say in this. This is our state too. This is a representative democracy not an oligarchy. Frankly, John Delaney has no business sitting in that seat. We used to have four congressional representatives and now we have one. After this election cycle we are going to have a lot more,” Bongino said.

Harford County Executive David Craig, a republican candidate for governor, took a break from his duties to support Bongino.

“I supported Dan in 2011. I was actually one of the first elected officials he called to ask me about running for office and what it’s like; I was county executive at the time. He and I met in March of 2011 and I told him I was going to support him running for senate. It was a very tough year, a very tough race to be a republican,” Craig said. “We have been very open with each other, I told him I was running for governor and he said he would lay out all his options.”

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Posted By: Paul J. Marino, Esq On: 7/4/2013


It is time for Maryland, especially Western Maryland to say "enough is enough" with the tax and spend philosophy of Maryland Democrats at all levels, especially in Wasington. He deserves to win this seat.. ALl I can say to my formere Marylanders is ..."Had Enough - Now Kick The Rascals Out"


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