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Time to heal my brothers-yeah right

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Published on: Thursday, November 08, 2012

By Brian J. Karem

One of the more impressive displays of humility, restraint and statesmanship took place in the early morning hours Wednesday as the two combatants for the Presidency issued their statements following a very close and contentious campaign.

Mitt Romney urged his supporters to work with President Obama, while Obama in his acceptance speech urged inclusion and prodded the nation to move forward.

Both are great sentiments, as we seem to be in virtually the same place we were at the end of the mid-term elections two years ago.

But, low and behold, this morning in several social media platforms Romney supporters were urging friends to fly the flag upside down as a sign of distress – which apparently some have done, and some Obama supporters continue to berate the vanquished.

Enough already.

This fortress of stupidity needs to end.

If the two men who actually fought this battle have the moxie to lay down the swords and work together, then why can’t the rest of us follow suit?

I have no answers here, nor do I pretend to have any.

It is a legitimate question.

It’s the same question I have about the mindset of those on the local level who continue to play politics long after the need to do so is gone.

Take for example wonderful question B on the ballot.

It is a legitimate issue worthy of discussion and the county council put forth the question to ask voters if the Chief of Police shouldn’t have a little more wiggle room in how he manages his staff without having to consult the police union.

To hear either side of this issue, either the chief is a mad man intent on running a dictatorship – that would be the point of view of some of those in the police union – or he just wants to be able to properly manage his department – that would be the management view.

The county has now voted to support the chief and give him the power he says he needs.

So, naturally, we decided to get the chief’s viewpoint on this.

But, apparently it’s a contentious issue and the county police didn’t want to speak on it the day after the election.

According to Captain Paul Starks it’s more of a “county issue” and they should speak on it.

Really? Is anyone buying this?

I’m not. Is it so much to ask for a simple statement about a question on the ballot that passed? Perhaps a deeper explanation to the public you serve is within your range of options.

After all, I really don’t understand why, once the matter has been vetted by the electorate that it would be too much to ask for a simple statement.


It taints everything. And the police aren’t the only example of that.

A quick call to Senator Mitch McConnell’s office yielded interesting results today too.

A day after the general election I simply wanted to know what McConnell has in store for us now.

After all, four years ago he said his number one priority was to make sure Obama didn’t get re-elected. It wasn’t the economy he was interested in, or education, or military spending, but simply making sure we have no more Obama.

What are his plans now?

I really want to know.

I also want to know why a member of the clergy sent me an e-mail claiming we are nation under Jesus and if we pray hard enough Obama will be gone.

Why is it marriage equality threatens me? I’ve been married almost 30 years and I can say with conviction there is nothing threatening my marriage.

Casinos? We voted them in. I don’t gamble that much, so why should I care? 

Again, I’m just asking a simple question because I think there are more important things to worry about in life than any of this.

All of these issues have been voted on and settled, yet oddly no one will accept the voters of this country when they settle an issue.

It reminds me of the county ambulance fee. Defeated and voted away – only it wasn’t was it?

Turn the page.

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