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Investigate Rockville - Now!

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Published on: Friday, April 06, 2012

By Brian J. Karem

There continues to be disturbing news out of the city of Rockville, and the recent reaction to the news as first reported in The Montgomery County Sentinel, if proven to be true, is even more despicable than other previously published problems.

It began with a former city secretary when she made claims of harassment and settled with the city.

We have heard rumors of problems in the city for years, but have not reported on these rumors as no one had come forward to officially complain of such things.

We’re not in the habit of reporting rumors.

However, when the city secretary quit and came forward and filed a complaint, then it became reportable.

Following this case, two weeks ago two other former city workers, one of them a 26-year veteran, came forward with a variety of similar claims.

They described a toxic environment where a majority of people come to work every day in fear of losing their jobs and a place where “Employees get zero support from human resources.”

While these workers came forward with very specific charges, and in some case against very specific people, we have seen little done at the city yet to even investigate the charges.

One wonders if the City of Rockville will behave like NBC did recently when it was found to have doctored 911 tapes of the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida. Will Rockville investigate itself?

The charges are disturbing on their face and if proven to be true, certainly show that Rockville is not only a very caustic place to work, but the city government is rife with malfeasance and misfeasance.

Workers claim, and have shown The Sentinel instances where personal files and reviews have been altered, and they have offered evidence to support claims of age and racial discrimination as well as widespread harassment.

The sheer volume of these complaints leads to the inescapable conclusion an investigation is not only warranted, but should begin immediately.

The Sentinel makes no claims as to the veracity of the claims of the city employees partly because The City of Rockville has flatly refused to comment on personnel matters. The city won’t even explain to us how such complaints are handled, in even the vaguest way – only telling us there are checks and balances in place to insure that each complaint is resolved and investigated thoroughly.

That’s a nice evasion that doesn’t wash. While we don’t require the city to walk through each complaint and violate the privacy of its workers, we do believe we are entitled to a detailed description of how such complaints are handled. This is a city government after all that is supposed to be transparent and accountable.

There appears to be little accountability in Rockville at the moment in regard to the many and continuing serious complaints of harassment and age and racial discrimination.

There is no place in the city of Rockville for such activities.

The recent settlement by the city with a former employee for similar charges shows that such accusations have some basis in reality. It behooves the city to thoroughly vet the current complaints and put everyone at ease by making the process as transparent as is possible.

That is a tightrope to walk, no doubt, but so far the city hasn’t even got on the high wire to attempt it.

Instead, in a very disturbing turn of events, apparently some in city management have warned its employees against talking to reporters, even going so far as to post e-mails warning them that reporters from The Sentinel are nearby.

This type of paranoia lends credence to some of the more disturbing accusations from city employees. Either these employees are correct and city management needs to get its act together or if the veracity of these claims proves to be unfounded, then other steps should be taken.

Either way, something smells bad in Rockville and it is time to clean it up.

Reader Comments - 38 Total

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Posted By: Concerned citizen On: 8/27/2013

Title: Not limited to Rockville

Harassment isn't limited to the City of Rockville. You should look into the Maryland States Attorney's Office.

Posted By: Tina On: 6/14/2013

Title: Time to go

Time to fire D. Daniels and the new city manager. Maybe someone with guts can fix city hall and they sure as heck are not up for the job. Legal advice and outside attorneys. Why do we pay Daniels close 200,000 per year? Fire her now!

Posted By: Mark Scheaffer On: 6/14/2013

Title: wow

Sounds like thousands of tax dollars will be used defending the clear abuses of city staff. The Mayor and Council seem like helpless children rather thsn elected leaders. Ms. Barb M the new Ullery seems to be happy just muttering along with the sinking ship. What a joke Rockville became. And we thought that Brue Romer and Duncan were bad. Heck Ullery made Romer look like a good guy.
Time for new leadership in Rockville and it sure as hell is not the clown who ride his little bike to city hall. . Idiots run city hall!!!

Posted By: Sarah On: 5/19/2013

Title: Cover up

Many of us still remember what Ullery and crew did to the city and the staff. We are waiting on Barb M to put on her big girl pants and clean house.
If nothing is done I shall see you in the voting booth.
Two hundred thousand tax dollars for what? Recomendations for HR improvements and a better record keeping system. Bull!!!!
How many more court filings are in the way?
Ms. Daniels needs to join the ranks of the unemployed for her part in the cover up.

Posted By: Mike McDonald. On: 5/4/2013

Title: Saul Ewing

I suggest we demand that Saul Ewing be investigated for ripping off the taxpayers. 200 thousand and all we get is recomendions to improve record keeping in the HR dept. I guess the Mayor and Council just spent the money to shut up the malcontents who blew the wistle on the abuses.
I doubt that these staff did not expierence exactly what was cited in the paper.
Rockville is no longer even a second rate city. Good luck ever getting the All.American City award again.

Posted By: Jabba the Hut On: 6/7/2012

Title: Investigate quickly

The managers list here must be interviewed under oath about their involvement of what knowledge they has prior to being terminated of resign. Now is the time to find out what they were ordered.. Brutal asusive activities this wide spread had to be sanctioned from the top. Somewhere there is a smoking gun.
Get the check book out I smell many lawsuits for age discrination and civil rights. Ha Ha too bad! :-)
Hey if I donate moving boxes can I write off the boxes as a tax deduction?

Posted By: qwerty On: 6/1/2012

Title: Other problems, too?

I'm a former employee of the City, though not of DPW or the City Manager's Office. In my experience, the City of Rockville was a pretty cushy place to work, and there were many long-time employees who I felt got away with doing not very much in return for decent salaries. In my opinion, the negative thing about the City was that if you worked there for too long, you would turn into that type of employee--content with doing the bare minimum, and unemployable anywhere else (except another government) due to the resulting atrophy of skill and work ethic. I also got the impression that it would be impossible to be fired for poor performance, rather that an employee would need to show egregious misbehavior of some kind for a flag to be raised. I actually enjoyed my time there, but I did think it to be a typical government gravy train.
As I said, I didn't work for the departments in question. If somebody was mistreated by his boss or his boss's boss, I certainly sympathize with him and think the problem should be brought to light. But I wouldn't jump the gun and suppose that ALL non-managerial City employees are victims.

Posted By: Hector On: 5/25/2012

Title: U tell em Gunny!

Damn Gunny we need you as city manager for a week! I agree it is past time to kick these fools where they sit and rid the city of Ullery hired management.
It would be so sweet to give them the same treatment for several weeks that they dished out against the staff.
Rockville better be completely behind the staff who come forward. I suggest they be treated with white gloves... THIS DOES NOT MEAN SLAPPING THEM WITH THE GLOVES IDIOTS!

Posted By: Nathan S. Thompson Jr. AKA Gunny On: 5/25/2012

Title: Come forward in vast numbers and kick butt!

The city is running scared.
They see the writing on the wall & the more staff who come forward the better it will be for each of you.
Both the State of Maryland and the federal government have laws on whistle blower protection. The last thing these morons goons in the city want is big brother visiting Rockville. Just imagine the feds showing up in Rockville with EEOC, ADA, Civil rights investigators.
Look at the comments from residents you have overwhelming support. None of us think this is acceptible treatment.
Each city employee needs to band together as a unit and tear down this abusive machine and never allow this to happen again.
In simple terms... STICK IT TO THEM! Do not allow the abusive managers to win or fear to run your life. Charge forward into your fear and you will win!
They count on your fear, They feed and get power from your fear.
A quote from a medal of Honor recipient to live by:
Fear is part of adventure, and learning to overcome fear is one of the benefits of embracing adventure.”
—Col Wesley L. Fox, USMC (Ret)

Posted By: Sam On: 5/23/2012

Title: Staff

I would like to thank and express my sincere gratitude to the Sentinel to expose the culture of abuse and corruption at City Hall. I have talked to the attorneys and will take my chances. I only have myself to blame if I do nothing to stop this. The supervisors and managers will happily continue on their path of exploitation if we do nothing.

Posted By: John T. Brookings On: 5/23/2012

Title: Military Leadership

Tell me this Craig,
When you swore that oath at West Point was it for life of just for your time in the Army?
I apply the military code each and every day and the honor and integrity instilled in me guides my decisions.
I am ashamed that someone who graduated from West Point would falter in his duty to staff and allow this inhumane treatment.
You sir should know that they way staff in city hall are being treated is against what each of us was taught in the military.
Here is a short read that sets a perfect example of the how to be a leader. Maybe a refresher course is needed.
I would recommend that every reader take a look at the about linked document.
Does the Director of Public Works wear blinders and earplugs?
Why doesn’t he see what his two henchwomen have done and are still doing to his staff?
Why doesn’t he hear the cries for help?
Why doesn’t he care that so many dedicated staff left his department?
Why doesn’t he take his blinders and earplugs off and rescue his staff?
So sir take a look at these questions and see what style of leadership is present in your department.
If the principles of military leadership were part of the managers in city hall the staff would not be in the situation we find today.
Craig go take a long look in the mirror and look bask at what you learned and apply those standards to your supervision at the city.
The city needs true leaders right now! Who will step up and bring the city from the brutal dark days?

Posted By: Employee Who Sees and Hears On: 5/22/2012

Title: Blinders and Earplugs

Does the Director of Public Works wear blinders and earplugs?
Why doesn’t he see what his two henchwomen have done and are still doing to his staff?
Why doesn’t he hear the cries for help?
Why doesn’t he care that so many dedicated staff left his department?
Why doesn’t he take his blinders and earplugs off and rescue his staff?

Posted By: Mitchell On: 5/22/2012

Title: Ha ha! Rockville pays to investigate itself. Can it get any better?

Giddy employee is so happy they posted twice. LOL
Yepper something smells bad in rockville!
We know damn well that rockville will not conduct a fail investigation that will expose the corruption in the city. Just who is Saul Ewings client in the first place? My god people Saul Ewing is working for none other than Ms. Kimball . Nothing like hiring a outside investigator to investigate yourself. Oh boy this is nothing more than a dog and pony show combined with a three ring circus.
Does anyone think Saul Ewing will throw their client under the buss? Has anyone actually seen a copy of the scope of the investigation?
I am sure that the Sentinel has put in a FOIA request for the contract and the city has 30 days to respond. Ha Ha the joke is on you because the investigation is for only 30 days.
Here is a new slogan for Rockville.
Sort of catchy don't ya think?

Posted By: Giddy employee with printed proof...LOL On: 5/22/2012

Title: I hear Fredericksburg is nice this time of year,

I know where pay dirt is hidden.He he he.
It has to do with managers use of leave. One in particular has much to worry about. The paperwork does not lie, but the manager does. I even have stacks of emails.... Oh I wont be in today, oh I have a doctors...blah blah!! Better save it for the court.
Ah what we have here is one of those hidden perks. :-)
The truth will set you free in 5 to 10 years.
Someone needs to look at the numbers game... Hint.

Posted By: Giddy employee with printed proof...LOL On: 5/22/2012

Title: Lets see who has the last laugh :)

I know where pay dirt is hidden.He he he.
It has to do with managers use of leave. One in particular has much to worry about. The paperwork does not lie, but the manager does. I even have stacks of emails.... Oh I wont be in today, oh I have a doctors...blah blah!! Better save it for the court.
Ah what we have here is one of those hidden perks. :-)
The truth will set you free in 5 to 10 years.
Someone needs to look at the numbers game... Hint.

Posted By: Staff On: 5/21/2012

Title: Do not be fooled

Yes my friend Burned but holding on, the worst of the managers are all trying to make nice with the staff. It is making me sick.
The evaluation process is not used to assist the employee, but rather to tear apart the employee and prepare them to get suspended and put on work improvement plans so we can be terminated. The evaluations of many staff are full of lies, and managers refuse to provide supporting documentation.
The wagons are circled and they are just trying to keep low until the pressure is off.
It is beyond time to sweep the rats from city hall.

Posted By: Inmate On: 5/21/2012

Title: Is it over?

I'm not seeing new blog comments. Has the interest gone away? No wonder why some of the managers are smiling and acting like they have no cares in the world.
This is exactly what we have been saying from day one, that once the pressure was off the abuses will pick up again. Anyone notice how training sessions are starting to creep up? Many of us predicted this kind of activity. This whole circus act has been played out time and time again.
Once the so called investigation is complete and management gets time to refute every claim it will be time to blow more smoke up the mayor and councils rear The investigation report will be twisted to show everyone as a whining problem employee who is tearing apart morale.
Madam Mayor and Council.
MAYOR: The problem employees mentioned in the report employees must be removed from civil service.
KIMBALL: No problem mayor we know just how to deal with these kind of problems. Once we are done there will never be another peep from the minions. Soon it will be time to talk about feel good things once again.
MAYOR: Thank goodness Jenny this was a nightmare. It's all the fault of the retired people who dared to speak out who put us in this position of spending 90 thousand dollars. What a bunch of disgruntled employees who should be glad they get a retirement check!
I guess this is our last chance to change city hall and if we do not file a complaint management wins, and Ullery will be taking the senior staff to lunch laughing all the way.

Posted By: Burned but holding on On: 5/18/2012

Title: Phoney Evals.

For several years put up with evals that were based on nothing more then lies and falsehoods, only each time to be told that DPW higher ups want all ratings knocked down regardless of performance. Being told there is open door policy only means open door to leave and go work somewhere else. Now managers are trying to play nice when the heat is on. Such phony know-nothings have wasted millions of tax payer dollars over the years, yet continue to feel entitled at the expense of the workers. Time to clean house.

Posted By: Joan. Another very sad resident On: 5/17/2012

Title: So So sad

I am so sad after reading these stories about city hall staff. How could this happen?
Just because a person works in government does not mean they can be treated worse than a cockroach. I understand that sometimes a supervisor must take action against a employee for various reasons, but when there are so many it stops being supervision and becomes a hostile work environment.
Lets call the city what it is ... A Hostile Sweet Shop.
How many times must a employee complain before someone listens? Well in the city no one did listen until the Sentinel broke the story.
To each manager in the city; these staff are not your outlet to reinforce your own insecurities while attempting to prove your worth. I hope each of you has to find a new job.
To each city staff, I stand behind each of you and hope that things get better. What really makes me sick is to think that the very people that work to serve each of us have suffered so much.
The city should be ashamed of what you have done and created.

Posted By: Small wheel in the city cog. ( Current Staff) On: 5/16/2012

Title: Mr Karem. Keep reporting the facts

I agree with the poster named Former Staff. The city has circled the wagons and is prepared to wait until the pressure is off. Do not think for one minute if Rockville managers provided your paper one interview that they want this investigation.
Rockville just wants your paper out of their hair, and on their side.
So far your reporting has been neutral, as it should be!
The mayor and council wanted this mess to go away and the investigation is the best tool. The all mighty acting city manager and city attorney figured out the best way to limit damages while appearing to have a real investigation. Yet another dog and pony show!
Oh, I really feel sorry for the city attorney and her staff for being put between a rock and a very hard spot at defending your client the city.
The mayor cannot protect us staff, since she has no control over any of us. Once Kimball finds out who are the problem children (those who dared to complain) they will start turning up the heat via evaluations and other established forms of punishment, one by one will will be fired. Then just as before each of us will be labeled as "Disgruntled employees". The mayor will be informed that another disgruntled employee has gone away.
Find out exactly who the client is relating to the contract with Saul Ewing LLC.
I wonder just how many disgruntled employees the city has?
You can bet that Shanks noticed what was around the next turn and bailed out just like Mr. Hall.
You can bet that Kimbal does not intend to fire Berg, Swift or Cohen since there is power in numbers and they all know the game plan. The city can keep them under wraps while they are still employed, but if they are fired all sorts of information could be released. they all have something to hide, why else the protection?
The public may see mid level staff like Purkey,and several others become the official scapegoats, while senior level contract employees lay low waiting for the fire to die out.
Staff like Shanks and Hall bailed out while they could.
The more people who come forward the better our cases will be against the city. There is safety in numbers. Get your facts together and just be prepared to defend your position. If we sit back and do nothing management will win! We cannot allow the city to win against us employees.

Posted By: Former Staff On: 5/16/2012

Title: Mr Karem

Do not let Baghdad Bob, Mary Lou Berg and her boss fool you. They are doing their best to make this go away as fast as possible. Do not let this stop until a real investigation occurs. They are trying to win you over to their side of this argument when it is your job as a reporter to stay neutral and continue the investigation until you, as an investigative reporter, feel like you have found all you can. Maybe you should try to tak to former employees who have left in the last year. I am pretty sure Charlie Baker has been speaking with many of them and most of them would be glad to speak to you. The staff that is there is too scared to talk, the staff that has left is eager to talk.

Posted By: Terence Moore. Rockville On: 5/14/2012

Title: Cable 11

The city should have its own TV reality show. Nah can't do the show cause this level of violence would be bad for ratings.
Just how many staff suffered under the iron fist while working at the city? How do you managers live with yourselves?
We need Chuck Norris to go to city hall and dish out some justice Chuck style.
I hope the city gets slapped with so many lawsuits that Court TV has to establish a office in Montgomery County.
Live from Rockville!

Posted By: Morris On: 5/7/2012

Title: I agree OMG

I suggest that nothing will come from the cover up and that we will be back to normal operation by the end of the year. The supervisors will be even more hell bent on removing any staff suspected to have come forward.
Let the Rockville witch hunts begin!

Posted By: Sad Sack On: 4/25/2012

Title: HELP

I hope the outside company gets enough stuff to show the abuse. I'm fearful of a cover up and that we are being baited to show management who we R so they can get rid if more of us.
I need my job for my family. I work hard and used to like working for the city.
So many have been burned 4 filing complaints. NO ONE REALLY CARES we R screwed.
They just want us to go away.

Posted By: Doug M On: 4/25/2012

Title: Investigate Rockville Now!

Damn straight investigate the whole lousy bunch of verminosis little worms.
How could these managers get away with treating anyone like this?
Too bad staff did not come out before now. Guess people were just glad to get out
I would look into every nook and crany in the city hall building. God only knows what other little gems will be uncovered.
I hope each of you looses sleep just like the staff you abused.
What a fine mess this is! Tree City...LMAO
We need a new logo for the city. Let me think of one. ???
I shall return!

Posted By: Gerasimos Papadopoulos On: 4/24/2012

Title: City of Pain

Well I might as well pipe off about this mess created by high paid stooges.
I cannot fathom the horrific working conditions that some staff have been working under.
By reading these comments we have been exposed to stories of racial slurs, 2 ruined marriages, changed evaluations, no evaluations, age discrimination, workplace bullying, general threats, retaliation and the list goes on.
Peoples lives have been ruined by just trying to serve the citizens. I can remember a time where civil service was a noble job in which the pay was lower than the private sector, but the reward in helping people was high.
What has the city become? How did it get this bad? I really think the city owes us an explanation and at least a public apology to the entire city staff would be a good start.
One poster indicated she felt that these staff had an ax to grind. Please read the comments and the articles. These people from all accounts were/are career civil servants with years of experience. There are current employees posting who are scared to death about loosing their job for telling their stories. No these are not disgruntled employees, but staff lashing out begging for help.
I would really like to commend the staff mentioned in the articles, and especially the Sentinel newspaper for covering these stories. Without these courageous people the situation may have gotten much worse.
No more spin!

Posted By: Mortan J. Thomas II On: 4/22/2012

Title: Hard time for Rockville employees

This abuse makes me sick to read. How in the hell has the city gotten away with stomping on the rights of employees. It is clear to me that a huge change occured in Rockville several years ago under the micro managed despotic dictatorship of Mr. Ullery, and it sure was not for the better.
Who is going to end up paying for this investigation? Why it us the poor taxpayers! I cannot wait for someone to go into city hall and look into the activities of these top managers.
I think the Mayor and Council are doing the right thing to have an investigation. I am just wondering what other issues will be uncovered.
These former retired employees could have just sat back and did nothing enjoying their retirements, but instead have seen a problem that was not going away and exposed city hall nasty culture. GOOD FOR THEM!!!!
I cannot believe the arrogance of the acting city manager Kimball stating that the employees are important to the city. Come on who are you trying to fool? If the employees were valuable there would have been investigations before now, and by all accounts some managers looking for new jobs.
Now we all know what has been rumored around town for sometime now. Asl yourself this...if the citizens smelled something rotten then how could it be that people making nearly 300K a year could not?

Posted By: Capt tug Toot toot On: 4/21/2012

Title: ABANDON SHIP !!!! Man the life boats

You are not in the twilight zone. I hate to say it but what the hell. While the city manager was sitting on his duff or taking long lunches the ullery appointed rats were chewing hokes in the USS Rockville, There are so many leaks that Rockville is going down fast. Ullery was the first to abandon ship and has left the other crew trying to bail out a scow full of waste and abuse.
So tell us will the smoke be the colors of the Rockville flag for the internal cover up?
Sorry this is sad but true. I can imagine that moral has sunk and the last of the survivors are just to damn tired that they can barelly function.
I will be one more to call for the immrfiate resignation of Swift,Vargas,Purkey and Kimball. Heck i think we should not forget Ms. Berg.
Who many managers were hired by Mr. Scott Ullery? How many of these are creating an abusive environment for staff?
Here is the best and my favorite, Ullery left the ship in Dec and now others have to talk care of the mess he left.
I sure hope that if any of the political hacks hired by Ullery are not thinking of becoming city manager. My guess each person hired by him have same core of values and most likely are hated by their staff.

Posted By: A very sad resident On: 4/19/2012

Title: Thank you !

We citizens owe the former staff a humble THANK YOU for exposing really how bad it is at city hall. We have heard rumors for several years now about moral and now have a glimpse if life behind the Iron Curtain. Heck years ago our refuse collector waived and smiled. Ah the past!
My wife and me watch the dog and pony show Monday nights that the Mayor and Council have to put up with. I have never seen staff who appear to spend more time beating around the issue than providing simple answers. The way some staff respond leads me to think the Mayor and Council are beneath them.
One of my favorites is Mr Cohen. My god can he do the double talk when it comes to answering a budget or finance question. Scott Ullery used to be so evasive sometimes when answering questions it made me mad as heck. One of the most professional is the guy who is the head of planning his last name starts with a W (?)

I too have seen huge changes in the way the city responds to the citizens. I went to the front counter not too long ago and talk about the morgue feeling I received. No staff person was smiling. I noticed people walking around with grim expressions of their faces, these poor souls must have been employees.
I can remember when you went to the city that the employees seemed happy. I was greeted with a smile and have a good day. Not any longer.
I am ashamed what has happened to a once shining example of customer service.

40 year Twinbrook Rockville resident

Posted By: Barbara Rice. On: 4/19/2012

Title: Poll Numbers tell the story

Should the city of Rockville be investigated for charges of racism and harassment?
Well the pole numbers clearly are running better than 2 to 1 in favor of an investigation.
My heart bleeds for the staff who work or retired for having to suffer under this lack of leadership.
Investigate the abuse, punish the guilty and get the city back on track.

Posted By: Abdullah Hussien On: 4/18/2012

Title: Something does smell bad in Rockville.

Has Ms. Kimball indicated that any investigation is ongoing? No, but through the paid mouth piece Marylou Berg stated that the city was in the process of investigating the claims. Anyone remember a guy named Baghdag Bob? He was the paid stooge for Saddam and kept brodcasting that there was no U.S. troops in Baghdad Iraq.
I bet the investigation if one is looking for any potential whistle blowers in the city. Just as Mr. Rose indicated when he complained about his rights being violated' "Who told you this"
I must agree with a comment made about the HR Director being appointed by the city manager being a huge issue. If you have a type A leader then he/she will try to control every aspect of a department of city. I strongly suggest that the mayor and council have the city attorney draft changes to the charter to allow for the M&C appointment of the HR director.

Posted By: Chin Chaing On: 4/18/2012

Title: Poor reflection on the city.

A friend told me about this story since normally I do not read the Sentinel. (Guess I should)
The longer that this mess takes to fix the worse it seems to get for the city and the Mayor and Council. Just imagine that you hire a city manager to conduct the day to day business affairs of the city and what he is doing is sucking the life blood out of many employees.
I am sure that not all the managers in the city are bad. Let's give some credit to the managers that treat the staff with respect.
In my humble opinion there are 3 separate staff who should be immediately replaced.
1. Susan Swift. A majority of the people complaining and citing facts are from her department,
2. Carlos Vargas. Where do I start? Let's be simple... FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOB!
3. Jenny Kimball: You may ask why Kimball? Plain and simple. She has no spine and allowed the abuse to continue instead of stepping up to the task of correcting the mess left by Ullery. She did nothing! She could have stopped the torture train, but sat back and offered no corrective measures. When you are in charge take charge!
Seems to me that Ms. Kimball sat on her duff and collected the huge paycheck while the employees were being abused by city managers.
Sometimes one just has to do the right thing and act like a big girl. Something she has not learned as of this date.

Posted By: Francis Desoto On: 4/18/2012

Title: Amazing.

I was just curious how much compensation that the people named in the article were receiving from the City of Rockville and was simply amazed at what I found.
The FY13 proposed budget indicates that the Director of Community Planning and Development Services (CPDS) raked in $229.000 in FY12. So one can assume that the City Manager pulled in in excess of 229K. Other staff positions are just shown in total cost for the work groups.
So the city is paying a great salary for a department manager position that does exactly what? From what I see here in the news Ms. Swift is raking in the bucks while raking the staff over the coals.
I wonder exactly how much the key staff namely Kimball, Vargas, Swift and the soon to be filled city Manager position really cost the taxpayers?
One thing about Rockville is correct and that is the statement on the city web page indicating "It's your money" Yep if is our money and demanding change is our right as taxpayers here in the city.
Amazing that this culture of disrespect, abuses and arrogance has not been exposed until these articles. It seems to me that the retired staff should be commended for exposing this torture chamber of horrors.
The good people who reside and work in Rockville deserve much more from our leadership.
Have a great day.... I'm sure that a bunch of employees working for the city will not.

Posted By: James Koo On: 4/16/2012

Title: Our Poor City

It seems like our poor City is being run aground by seriously poor management. I went to City Hall a few weeks to register for a Recreation Class and no one could even look me in the eye. I went to speak to a Supervisor and was told to schedule an appointment. It has been two weeks and I haven't heard from ONE soul in Rec and Parks. Sad, they used to be the shining star of the City and it seems like the cancer is spreading there too. A thorough investigation, by a third party, needs to happen ASAP, before the City loses their reputation for good. I took my business and registered with Gaithersburg Rec and Parks. I am not looking back, I live in King Farm and it is just as conveinant.

Posted By: OMG On: 4/12/2012

Title: OMG

I cannot believe that former city manager Scott Ullery led the city like that. He was an obvious dictator! Hopefully the new city manager will ask for the resignations of the minions that Ullery hired. The supervisors in these articles will need to go also since all they know is the draconian Ullery methods of management. God bless those workers who persevered for us residents. Thank You!

Posted By: OMG On: 4/12/2012

Title: OMG

I just cannot believe how the former city manager Scott Ullery could run an organization like that. He was a dictator! And now you have his minions running the office in the same manner. I hope the new city manager sees this and asks for resignations of anybody that Ullery hired. That goes for the people that were hired or promoted by the minions also. They would be tainted goods to keep. God bless the people who work there and persevere for us city residents.

Posted By: Saddened for my hometown On: 4/10/2012

Title: Former Employee

I am a former employee who was let go last year after years of service because of an overbearing supervisor who was so upset with me for taking a second job that they made it clear if I didn't quit that I was going to be let go. I refused to quit and subsequently lost my position for something trivial. I cannot proceed against the City because I still work closely with it, but it is NOT the same place it was 10-15 years ago. There is a culture of watching your back, constantly and it is not a healthy environment. Keep plugging away and you will be AMAZED at what you find at City Hall and in the biggest depeartments. The CHIEFS are desperately trying to validate their positions by demeaning and demanding unreasonable expectations from staff without the hint of a raise. The City of Rockville is dead, long live the City of Rockville.

Posted By: Conscientious objector On: 4/9/2012

Title: Where there is smoke - there is fire

The mentality that thinks that the best approach when The Sentinel newspapers in Rockville City Hall feature articles about their culture of discrimination and unfair treatment are featured - is to HIDE all of the newspapers - is the same mentality that refuses to address the individual incidents when they occur. Why has there NEVER been an internal investigation by Human Resources and the Law Department that found the complaints from employees about mistreatment had any merit? Perhaps, if immediate action were taken, there would not be a culture that accepts blatant mistreatment. The administration, Human Resources and Law Department have proven that they are either incompetent or unwilling to conduct a thorough and fair investigation of employee complaints regarding disparate and unfair treatment. Therefore, it is imperative for a state or federal investigative body to become involved -- to uncover the truth and ensure the fair and just treatment of all employees.


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