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Thursday, April 24, 2014 12:11 PM

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Brentwood hosts Corcoran graduating class exhibit

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Courtesy photo. A scene from "Mixtape," a performance by Corcoran artist Armando Lopez-Bircann.

Courtesy photo. A scene from "Mixtape," a performance by Corcoran artist Armando Lopez-Bircann.

Published on: Thursday, May 02, 2013

By Wanda Jackson

Becoming a famous artist is no easy feat. Historically, artists like Georgia O’Keefe, Winslow Homer, Jackson Pollock and Jacob Lawrence garnered acclaim for their unique style or the character they exude to the world of art.

A future famous artist may well have been in the midst of a week-long exhibit at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

“Fast Forward: Corcoran College of Art and Design 2013 Graduates” opened April 22 and culminated with a reception for the artists and public on Saturday in the Brentwood Arts Exchange with performances in the 39th Street Gallery.   

The exhibit, hosted in partnership with the Corcoran College of Art and Design and the Gateway Center for Development Corporation, represented “the individual strengths and passions of the students who have received their training in different practices and fields,” said Phil Davis, acting director of Brentwood Arts Exchange, in

a press release.

“Engaging and bursting with creative energy, the artwork in ‘Fast Forward’ showcases the enthusiams and talent emerging from one of the most prestigious colleges of art and design in the country,” Davis said.

Daesik Kim examined materialism in society through creamy-toned, oil self-portraits. The formal style of Kim’s portraits was reminiscent of dignified European aristocrats’ portraits. His posture and placement, however, suggest otherwise as Kim’s art explored the concept of materialism as a mask that disguises one’s true self.

Colorful illustrations by Indigo Wakatama addressed the currents of cross cultural exchanges in society. Common images were replicated with subtle changes, such as a shift in color in Wakatama’s series “The Melting Pot,” which commented on the deliberate and accidental similarities across cultures.

The exhibit also featured performance pieces, such as “Mixtape,” a multi-sensory performance by Armando Lopez-Bircann.

Other artists whose works were featured in the exhibit included Mazin Abdelhameid, Julia Bancroft, Kyrae Cowan, Annie Hanson, Jeremiah Holland, Rachel Hrbek, Deshaundon Jeanes, Katelyn Kang, Jessica Levin, Dandan Luo, Katie Macyshyn, Rene Medrano, Gabriel Mellan, Micah Myerov, Judas Recendez, Morgan Roberts, Bryana Robinson, Rostin Rostai, Jordan Sanders, Hope Sorensen, Cynthia Tidler, Robert Yi and Jisun Yoon.

Aside from being the only college of art and design in Washington, D.C., the Corcoran College of Art and Design is one of the only art schools in the country that is fully integrated with a world-class museum, The Corcoran Gallery of Art.

One of America’s oldest art institutions, The Corcoran Gallery of Art predates both New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and it is known around the world for its collection of

historic and modern American art as well as European fine art and for its collection of decorative arts.

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