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Hyattsville column for March 14

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Peggy Dee

Published on: Wednesday, March 13, 2013

By Peggy Dee

Queenstown Giant to close

I was saddened to hear that the Queenstown Giant, on Queens Chapel Road, is going to close at the end of April. It opened in 1952 and many residents from our fair city shopped there. The story goes that Queen Elizabeth visited the store shortly after it opened. She was allegedly attending a sporting event at the University of Maryland and made a stop there to see what an American supermarket was like.

The newer Giant on East West Highway, across from the Mall at Prince Georges, was constructed about six years ago. The old Call Carl Exxon Station and the bowling alley were torn down to make way for the new Giant. I have lived in Hyattsville since 1968, and, for years, I used the Call Carl Exxon Station for my auto repairs.

Think spring

The Easter bunny will arrive at the Mall at Prince Georges at noon Saturday, March 16. There will be face painters, balloon clowns, a strolling magician and treats for the kids. Photo packages will be available.

Each year, our city designates two weekends as a yard sale weekend. Registration is opened now for our Spring Yard Sale, which will take place April 5-7. Please register if you would like to be included in the map that the city produces. Please call the city at 301-985-5000 to be included. This is always so much fun, and I just love meeting so many friends as I am out and about.

Another fun event will be our 127th Anniversary Parade to take place on Saturday, April 13. Please consider marching this year. No group is too large or too small. Neighborhood watches, school groups and clubs, scout groups and youth groups are more than welcome. You will be able to wave to your friends sitting on the sidelines. For more information, call Cheri Everhart at 301-985-5021.

Before Presidents Day

Thanks so much for all of the calls that I received concerning the earlier celebrations of George Washington’s birthday, on Feb. 22.

Before Presidents Day went into effect a number of years ago, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated on Feb. 11 and George Washington’s birthday was observed on Feb. 22. The stores downtown offered major sales on Washington’s birthday. There were typewriters for 11 cents, televisions for $2 and major appliances for $5. Many ambitious shoppers lined up at the door of the departments stores the evening before. Cherry pies were on sale at most grocery stores. Talking this over with those of you who called brought back so many great memories.

Greyhound bus route

Speaking of old Hyattsville memories, does anyone remember the old Greyhound bus line that ran through Hyattsville, along Route 1? If so, please give me a call.


Hats off to our Public Works Department, which so efficiently salted our streets last Wednesday! We were so fortunate that we did not get the heavy snow that was predicted.

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