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'Old Legends' basketball players still have the right moves

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Photo by Nancy Royden

Photo by Nancy Royden

Published on: Thursday, February 12, 2009

By Nancy Royden

Just because they might have gray hair doesn’t mean they still don’t have good moves on the basketball court.

Some of the men who played Jan. 24 at the Glassmanor Community Center on Marcy Avenue in Oxon Hill showed the on looking crowd during two games especially for old timers that they can still move fast and play an entertaining game of basketball.

The men, who have different skill levels, included Delonte Taylor Sr., who played in the National Basketball Association for the Washington Bullets and San Antonio Spurs, was among those who played at the annual event.

Ostra Mack, assistant director of the center, said the games are special because they are only played once a year, and it is a relatively new tradition hosted there.

Some of the other people who played during the games included Stacy Robinson, Niagara Junior College; Greg Ligon, Langston University; Billy Bryant, the University of Maryland and Western Kentucky University; and Charles Johnson, Howard University.

Mack said it is fun for players to compete against one another, even if several years have passed since they played in their youth.

“Well, being a former basketball player myself, I know what it’s like to be back in touch with the people you played with in school,” she said. “It’s just like a family reunion. You got bragging rights, etc., and if not, just remember the old times.”

Those who coordinated the games included players and fans, Freddie “Frog” Baxter, Taylor, Xavier, Mack, Stacy Robinson, Adrian Davis, and Glenn Harris of Channel 8 Sports.

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Posted By: Street On: 2/8/2012

Title: Thanks Rob

I was good friends with Stacey's little brother Greg, He was an outstanding basketball player at Friendly & Potomac HS. "Rob" would go off on us if he knew we were trying to get high or drink "hangin at Rose Valley Rec". I was like Stacey is trippin! we just chillin having fun. Didn't find out the whole story until later that year, drinking, smoking, not playing football for Friendly any more. But I got it togrther, left the stuff alone and even went back out the football field in college. Thanks for giving a damn Rob! Graduated from college, been teaching/coaching 24 years even won a few state championships coaching and helped a couple kids get to the pros, one gold medalist in track. Everybody knows how great of baller you were, but I rember you most for reaching out to me when I was lost, Thanks again Rob


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