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Pros are purely political for Rosecroft slots

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Published on: Friday, November 11, 2011

By Dr. Bernard Kapiloff

Soon, County Council will be discussing and voting on the proposal to allow slots and gambling in Prince George’s county.

The proposal is opposed openly by the religious majority of churches and numerous other groups and would have to go to referendum if the decision was positive. Unfortunately, the decision would be against public opinion and good judgment.

The pros are strictly political and threatening to deny funds for the Prince George’s hospital if the bill is not passed.

The owners of Rosecroft  have no interest in Prince George’s County except for converting it into a gambling machine, and greed is evidenced by experiences in Laurel. The money for Pimlico Race Course from the Perryville casino was to be used for improvements, which were not materialized and were instead used for the company’s losses.

Rosecroft could easily be used as an entertainment and cultural center benefiting the public interest.

Why the sudden change in policy by our politicians? Has out-of-state influence been so strong and our political system so weak as to play havoc with the will of the people? Do we have to sacrifice our principles for the greed of a few?

Perhaps the protestors are right. As the old adage says, “Is democracy the best money can buy?”

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Posted By: concerne'd prince georges resident On: 11/13/2011

Title: Out of State???

Out of state interest??? Is that what you call the local horse owners, trainers, grooms that will be affected? Then you have the trickle down from them - the store that sells the feed and hay for the horses, the person that shoes the horses, the vets that work on the horses, the farmer that grows the hay. I am a prince George's county resident I cant afford for my taxes to be raised because of the lack of revenue that slots could more than easily make up for. The resident in the surrounding area of Rosecroft needs the jobs this will provide them...

Posted By: Andrew Bell On: 11/13/2011

Title: Really

Does anyone look at the economic impact of things? Cry cry cry but then all your money is running to other states. Luckily some of the money will be staying in state once the 5 slots parlors in Maryland are open. But why not try to keep some of it in your own county. People are going to gamble. There are 5 out of state slot parlors 90 minutes from Rosecroft. It is sad what it was done to the once great horse racing industry in Maryland. All they need is a chance to compete fairly. And it seems that some are determined to kill it off forever. I dont understand why

Posted By: Andrew Bing On: 11/13/2011

Title: Really off Base

Dr. Kapiloff is way off base in his assessment. Gambling exixts in Prince George's County. It is not going away. It is in the Seven Eleven's all over the county with lottery rickets.
We need jobs and revenue in Prince George's County. Plain and simple. Gaming already exists at Rosecorft. People go there to gamble--what a surprize. The people of Prince george's county have spoken once at the ballot box once and they deserve to speak again.


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