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Pastor goes global with new missionary partnership

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Courtesy photo. Bishop David T. P. Perrin

Courtesy photo. Bishop David T. P. Perrin

Published on: Wednesday, November 18, 2009

By Maggie Ekstrom, Special to The Sentinel

At a celebration of his life achievements, Bishop David T.P. Perrin, president of the Great Commission Global Ministries, announced the launch of GCGM’s partnership with Serving in Missions at the Sanctuary Church at Kingdom Square, in Capitol Heights, on Sunday.

Serving in Missions is a nonprofit, international Christian mission organization dedicated to creating and strengthening churches worldwide. Founded in 1893, the organization currently has approximately 1,800 active missionaries serving in over 43 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

SIM’s partnership with Great Commission Global Ministries is meant to expand on GCGM’s current outreach efforts.

“This partnership will allow GCGM to send missionaries to over 48 countries, participate in 900 humanitarian projects, and to serve as a mission-sending agency for other churches,” said Perrin. 

GCGM was incorporated as a ministry in the State of Maryland in March of 2000, with Perrin in charge. According to A Closer Walk Christian Ministries Pastor Debra Garner, whose ministry is under Perrin’s, Perrin became president of GCGM to focus on inspiring and encouraging African Americans to join the missionary movement.

“While he was overseas doing missionary work in Africa, Asia and India, he realized there needed to be a separate organization to recruit and train African Americans,” said Garner. “He was frustrated that so few African Americans were involved and had a vision to motivate them.”

Prior to founding GCGM, Perrin served as senior pastor of the Church of the Great Commission in Camp Springs. When he began his work there in 1982, the church was named Parkway Baptist Church and had only 30 members. During his 20 years as senior pastor, Perrin changed the name to Church of the Great Commission and increased the membership to nearly 4,000. However, he felt a strong pull to focus on missionary trips, says Garner. Perrin appointed Joshua Kevin White as pastor, which allowed him to travel and train others.

“There is a mission field here in the United States with so many in poverty and need, but there is a major need in other countries where it is difficult to find a church where they can get the nurturing, training and empowerment that we have been able to bring,” said Perrin.

Perrin has been instrumental in planting churches in Africa, South America and India, and training pastors and leaders to effectively minister to those in need. He has also helped thousands of people in the United States by assisting in overcoming addictions, mending broken marriages and healing emotional wounds from troubling events.

“Not only has he done a lot of work in countries around the world, but he’s put so much effort in helping people in Maryland, such as working with prisoners and college students,” says Garner. “He is incredibly passionate and dedicated.”

Perrin’s wife, CGC Rev. Allethia Perrin, agrees that her husband has made a significant impact in the United States and abroad during his 30 years in ordained ministry.

“Over the past 30 years, the Lord has used him in many different ways and in many different ministries,” she said. “His life has touched many people.”

For Garner, Perrin was influential in her deciding to become a pastor.

“He has impacted my life beyond belief by training me to be the leader and pastor I am today,” said Garner.

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