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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 9:57 PM

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Spotlight on 2 Guys and a Pick Up Truck

Small Business Thrives Despite Economy

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2 Guys and a Pick Up Truck recently added a large new pick up truck to help accomodate requests for larger moves.

2 Guys and a Pick Up Truck recently added a large new pick up truck to help accomodate requests for larger moves.

Published on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

By Tracey Gold Bennett, Special to The Sentinel

While the down economy may make it very difficult to launch a business, there are businesses in Prince George’s County that are not only surviving but thriving. VJ Adriano is the CEO and brainpower behind 2 Guys and a Pickup Truck moving company based in Fort Washington, Md.   “I am a family man and I’m running a family business,” he said.

Adriano’s moving company is like a sleek Littoral ship compared to a huge Dock Landing ship.  In short, Adriano’s moves are swift. His company boasts pick-up trucks as opposed to larger transport vehicles.

“I saw a need for smaller moves because I have always had a pickup truck, I moved things for myself and I found I needed a hand with big moves,” Adriano said. “I was thinking if I could have a guy with me all the time, then I could be able to move things at a moment’s notice.”

And less than a handful of years ago, Adriano, a former real estate agent, moved his business plan from paper and put it into action. “Within the course of three years, the real estate market became so slow I wanted to get out of it to work every day like others. So I started the business.” He now does several moves a week (both large and small) and many of his customers are return customers. “I move seven a week on average… local moves, large item deliveries.”

Adriano said he often helps people who need to move quickly. “It happens a lot. Evictions, breakups and divorces,” he offered.  “The best thing about working for myself is: I like being there for people when they need someone reliable.”

So what advice would Adriano give to people who might want to start their own businesses in a down economy? “Look at what you have and try to do something profitable with it.”

Adriano said he takes great care in selecting his team so that his clients are well taken care of and their belongings are moved safely from place to place.

“I do all the work myself and the people that work for me are people I know and trust. It is part of my business to be there, to be reliable and to see the job through.”

More information about 2 Guys and a Pickup Truck is available online

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