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Prince George’s councilwoman motivates students to overcome challenges

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Photo by Gloria Johnston. Prince George's County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner tells a DuVal High School women's studies class about the challenges she has overcome during her lifetime.

Photo by Gloria Johnston. Prince George's County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner tells a DuVal High School women's studies class about the challenges she has overcome during her lifetime.

Published on: Monday, February 27, 2012

By Gloria Johnston

Prince George’s County Councilwoman Ingrid Turner spoke Monday morning to 35 DuVal High School students in Kawsar Mahmud’s women’s studies class about overcoming challenges to accomplish goals.

“I didn’t want (the students) to take a look at me and think it was easy for me,” Turner explained after the event.

The council member told the students that she grew up in Prince George’s County too. She attended Elizabeth Seton High School and was a member of the school’s undefeated soccer team. She also told the class that high school wasn’t easy for her.

However, Turner explained, the real struggle started when she attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, which in the mid-1980s, even more than now, was predominantly male. Even coming from a prominent military family, with her father and three brothers serving in other branches, Turner said the other students at the Naval Academy did not welcome her with open arms.

But Turner said that didn’t matter to her.

“I could play soccer as good as they could, and I could study just as well as they could,” she said.

In fact, out of the 12 African-American females in her class at the Naval Academy, she was one of only three who made it to graduation in 1986.

Then, after attending law school at the Catholic University of America and retiring after 20 years in the U.S. Navy, Turner ran and won the District 4 council seat in her home county.

Turner asked the students to share their goals and aspirations in life, while stressing the importance of education.

“Education is the foundation,” she said. “If you get a foundation of education, you can build something that nobody can take away from you.”

Turner encouraged the students to apply for internships, both in their fields of interest and in her own office, where she accepts and mentors interns from District 4 every year.

“Take risks to be all you can be,” Turner said in closing. “Be the exception to the rule.”

Reader Comments - 10 Total

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Posted By: Fatoumatab Boiro On: 2/29/2012

Title: Fatoumata Boiro

gave an outstabding presentation about herself and how she overcame her challenges. We didn't know her personally but by the way she expressed herself made it easier for us to communicate with her. She answered all the questions we had before we even asked some them. She elaborated on challenges and goals and her to accomplish them. I wish we had more time to talk to her because 90 minutes wasn't enough.

Posted By: DIANA R On: 2/29/2012

Title: DIANA R

by listen what ingrid turnet explain all what she has to pass to get in the possition she has a that moment may me thing the important is go to school and finish high school anc continue and never give up, i learn how she help to the community and all what she is doing and she continue and she never give up and what she whant for the future

Posted By: Cierra-Marie B. On: 2/29/2012

Title: Cierra-Marie B.

I enjoyed council women Turners presentation. She made really important points to help us be successfull in life. Also she brought how she overcomed and proved many wrong that she will not be successful.

Posted By: max ch. On: 2/29/2012

Title: Prince George’s councilwoman motivates students to overcome challenges

It's good that the councilwoman came to my school duval high and when in to my clase to and I was there in the clase and one thing i learn about her was that you have to never give up.

Posted By: Teniola Taiwo On: 2/29/2012

Title: Teniola Taiwo

Councilwoman Turner's visit to DuVal High School was highly motivational. I was a student in this event, and I was very encourahed by her story of strength and pushing through when times got tough. She made me proud to come from Prince George's County, and let me know brilliant leaders come from this area as well.

Posted By: Taylor C. On: 2/29/2012

Title: Taylor C.

My name is Taylor Culmer and i was one of the students who had the opportutnity to hear Ms. Turner presentation. This article did grasp my attention but it would have been more intriguing if they inlcuded what each student who participated said.

Posted By: Chandra J. On: 2/29/2012

Title: Chandra J.

My name is Chandra J. and I am a sophmore at Duval High school. I enjoyed having Council women Turners visit my school. While she spoke she stressed the importance of trying again even when people tell you that you are not capable of doing something. She shared that her journey to becoming a college graduate, a navy and a council women did not come easy. She told us that all though it was tough she persevered and was sucessful because she didn't take no for an answer. She also shared that we should all take risk and become an exception to the rules (in a positve way). I Appreciated that she took time out of her busy scedule to give motivation to me and my fellow classmates.

Posted By: Taylor C. On: 2/29/2012

Title: Taylor C.

My name is taylor culmer and i was one of the students that got the opportunity to hear Ms. Turner speak. I enjoyed her presentation, and this article actually pin pointed very well on what she discussed. Although it would have been better if they included some statements of what the students said during the presentation

Posted By: Jeniffer Ornelas-Soto On: 2/29/2012

Title: My Comment

I really liked Ingrid Turner's speech. She told us all her struggles that she went through to get to where she is. She's an inspiration to me. If you really put your mind into it something, you can accomplish. I'll always remember what she said to us.

Posted By: Christopher On: 2/29/2012

Title: Comments on the speech

As a student in the class Councilwoman Ingrid Turner spoke in I gained knowledge from the experinces she shared with us. She showed me how my goal can be achieved with all the challenges in my way. She showed all of us what we can do if we just take the risk.


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