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Three apartment complexes rack up more than 1,500 code violations

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Published on: Wednesday, July 31, 2013

By Jim Davis

Residents of Bedford Station, Victoria Station and Newbury Square in Prince George’s County say they have lived among bedbugs, cockroaches and rats.

Mold and lack of air conditioning are also among the living conditions at the apartment complexes, said officials from CASA de Maryland, which is representing thousands of tenants of the Hyattsville and Langley Park apartments.

The complexes contain about 1,000 apartments and are owned by Newport Property Ventures, based out of Coral Gables, Fla., and owned by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

Rent ranges from $1,034 to $1,549, according to the management company’s website.

The three complexes spent three years in foreclosure and were turned over to Newport Property Ventures last spring. The complexes received more than 1,500 housing code violations, according to county officials.

Prince George’s County officials said Newport Property Ventures has recently begun addressing the majority of the violations.

County inspectors will be returning to the area to take a closer look at each apartment, and those inspections will continue until all of the problems have been fixed, county officials said.

Victoria Station is located at 8107 14th Avenue and Bedford Station is at 1400 University Boulevard in Langley Park. Newbury Square is located at 6803 Riggs Road in Hyattsville.

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