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U-Md. community gathers at memorial following murder-suicide

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Published on: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

By Jim Davis

Dozens of University of Maryland students, faculty members and University of Maryland President Wallace D. Loh attended a memorial service at University of Maryland the Memorial Chapel last Tuesday night for two University of Maryland students who died early last Tuesday morning in a shooting in College Park.

Prince George’s County Police is calling the shooting a murder-suicide. Graduate student Dayvon Green, 23, shot himself to death before shooting his two roommates, killing 22-year-old Stephen Rane, of Silver Spring.

“Tonight each of us seeks to ease our pain. How can we make sense of an act so utterly senseless, especially when it comes from one of our own?” Loh said.

The memorial services included a prayer, remembrance and singing. Many were left with heavy hearts trying to make sense of the tragedy that rocked their campus. The shooting incident happened off campus, but the shock waves were felt throughout the entire University of Maryland community.

One student, Steve Winston, said he did not know the students but the violence has to stop.

“We need to find a way to stop letting just anyone buy a gun,” he said. “He could have brought the guns on campus and shot a lot of students.”

After the memorial service, many of the students visited a candlelit area next to the chapel to pay their respects for the two dead students and the third student who was shot.

Another student, Renee Collins, said she also did not know the three students.

“I just could not sit in my dorm room,” she said. “I had to come to try to understand why this had to happen.”

Loh said the university is offering counseling to any student who seeks it.

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