Opinion: The Disregard of fear

CounterprotestorsWhen I headed into the ‘Unite the Right’ Rally in Washington, D.C., I was expecting a large, predominately white crowd emblazoned with Confederate flags, swastikas, and tiki torches.


Paul's View: Psychoanalysis or analysis of a psycho?

I will readily admit that I am not a trained, certified psychiatrist. I haven't even played one on TV although I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express not to mention my car insurance is with GEICO. However, when it comes to psychoanalyzing one Donald J. Trump, not that difficult a task. The only question, really, is whether to use the term psychoanalysis or analysis of a psycho.


And now, a word about ICE

Back in 2003 the Department of Homeland Security was established by combining several agencies from other U.S. departments under one overarching umbrella. The thinking was that placing all of these disparate agencies under one department would somehow make such activities related to homeland security, such as intelligence gathering and enforcement of border security, more efficient and effective.


Can humor point the way to political reconciliation?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It is no secret that there is currently a great political divide in U.S. society. Under such conditions, how is it possible for dialogue to move forward between differing political factions? Perhaps the enormously talented political satirical performers known as the Capitol Steps can show us two ways: First, by laughing at both sides. Second, by laughing at all.  

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