What is a newspaper?

What is a newspaper? 
I have asked this question many times. It should be a vehicle for readers, whether in print or online, that enlighten the person. Most community newspapers used to serve that purpose and some still have that goal. 

Today, this is a difficult task because now, stories are created because individuals want documents created in a 24-hour time frame or less. Incorrect statements may be made because adequate research could not be completed in such a short time frame. 
My family has owned and the Sentinel Newspapers since 1962. We have covered many activities throughout the area since then. Our goal has been to deliver accurate news. Many now illustrious people were trained by one of our editors. They were trained to investigate a subject and created a document that reflected their insight into that topic. 
Some people at the center of those subjects might be dismayed or distraught by our investigation, which has happened to us many times but are obligated to tell the correct story of events. We never accept fake news. 
In the 1980s, our home was firebombed five times. The last attack destroyed our house so we had to relocate while we repaired the structure.  We were not welcomed in any temporary location because the police and FBI determined it was arson and the individual or individuals who violated our domicile were never caught and prosecuted. My husband and I did not change our modus operandi. 
The Capital Gazette has the same dilemma. I am sure they will try to serve the community as we did and do. It was such a pleasure to view the response of their readers and community and it was heartwarming to learn many people have subscribed to their online edition. They have many challenges ahead; first, they must bury the individuals who helped them created their newspaper, then the staff must continue to create their product as they did so nobly this week. 
It is a pleasure to know such people still exist.
Lynn Kapiloff is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of the Prince George’s Sentinel.
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