Stretching Food Stamps and Making Do with Magic Beans

Opinion: Think Again


My life on welfare had its ups and downs, just like anybody else's. Coming from a middle-class family, I felt like Jack climbing the beanstalk that had magically sprouted outside his window, not sure what awaited me at the top, what dangers, what treasures.



Fruitful Harvest: Making the most of a limited grocery budget

Our first winter on food stamps was difficult. I wanted to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for my children since we all know that they are the foundation of a healthy diet. However, they are expensive, may require preparation, and spoil if you don’t use them in time. At least I was lucky that the store I could walk to had a good selection. Stores in what have come to be known as “food deserts” often don’t carry fresh fruits and vegetables. 


B. Morrison offers breakfast on-the-go recipe

How was that apple? Last week’s Hear the Maryland Crunch! was a lot of fun, even though it had a serious purpose. The reason for celebrating Maryland Day with a state-wide, synchronized bite into a juicy apple was to help fight childhood hunger. Maryland Hunger Solutions, who organized the event, also wanted to raise awareness of the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, especially for children. 



Home & Garden: Tips for a Clean, Well-organized Closet


There is little point in owning a hot pair of shoes, dresses or jeans if you can't find them in your closet when you're getting dressed.  A neat, well-organized closet -- instead of a ceiling to floor jumbled mess of clothes and accessories -- is a huge plus when you're trying to get out the door to work or school even on hectic days, fit in more personal time and put together a social life.