Child care provider arrested for intentionally burning a baby's feet

mendozaBLADENSBURG – On Monday detectives from the Bladensburg Town Police arrested Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, a child care provider, and charged her with first and second-degree child abuse and first-degree assault after she burned the feet of a 6-month-old infant.

Detective Charles Earle of the Bladensburg Police said the mother dropped her daughter off on Wednesday for a few hours. The next morning she noticed redness on the bottom of her feet, but when she spoke to Mendoza, she said she didn’t know anything about it.

According to court records, the mother took her daughter to the doctor, who called 911 to have the child transported to the Washington Hospital Burn Center where she was admitted for second-degree burns to the bottom of both feet. Doctors had to manually peel the burned skin from her feet. She was then monitored for an infection.

Hospital officials called the police to report the incident. Patrol units, along with detectives from the Bladensburg Police Department, interviewed Mendoza, who said the child’s feet bumped into a tortilla that had been removed from a hot pan.

“Her story just didn’t match with the injuries,” Earle said. “We talked to her again and at that point she told us she became frustrated with the infant crying too much. She became so upset she placed the infant's feet on the pan she was cooking the tortilla on, causing the burns. At that point we placed her under arrest.”

Officials said Mendoza has been a child care provider for two years, and are asking if anyone who may have used Mendoza’s services who might have noticed a bruise or anything else on their child's body to call the Bladensburg Police at 301-864-6080.

“We are not concerned about anyone's immigration status,” Earle said. “We just would like to know if there were any other incidents parents might know about.”

Mendoza is in the custody of the department of corrections on a no-bond status. 


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