FBI raids two county homes over stolen credit card scheme

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY – In the early hours of last Thursday, dozens of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents raided two homes in Fort Washington and Temple Hills and arrested a dozen people as part of an investigation into a massive scheme involving stolen credit card numbers.

The two raids occurred in the 8600 block of Devon Hills Drive in Fort Washington and in the 2400 block of Saint Claire Drive in Temple Hills.

Twelve people in the Washington, D.C. area stole money and thousands of credit card numbers from unsuspecting people, the FBI said. The two raids were a result of a conspiracy that took place between March 2015 to August 2017 after a man was spotted at a Virginia gas station with 50 to 60 credit cards in his vehicle.

According to charging documents, cell phones were used by FBI agents to uncover the operation in which suspects used credit card encoders and put false codes on the magnetic strips of fraudulent credit cards with almost $10,000 on each card. The suspects used the fake credit cards to purchase cigarettes to sell for cash.

During the searches of the two houses, FBI agents carried out plywood boards, area rugs, computers, hard drives and several other items as evidence.

FBI agents, along with officials from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, seized dogs from the residence in Temple Hills, along with items that could be used for dog fighting activities.

The federal indictment does not contain any charges related to the animals or suspected animal abuse.

Court documents list these 12 suspects:
Travon Jamaal Williams;
Rodriguez Rodney Lomax Norman;
Nathaneal Antino Williams;
Ryan Joseph McNeil;
Marvin Lee Mitchell;
Gentle Grant Tyson, III;
Ebony Noel Coe;
Denae Lee Horton;
Ronnie Beal;
Jamar Levell Johnson;
Ashley Phillip Carrillo Howell;
Eugene Orlando Cuffee.

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