Oxon Hill dies from injuries after car crashes into Upper Marlboro restaurant

UPPER MARLBORO – A 73-year-old Oxon Hill man died Tuesday morning from injuries he sustained on Oct. 24 when a car slammed into a restaurant in Upper Marlboro.

Officials from the Prince George's County Police Department say Isiah Pugh was one of six people who were injured when Vernelle Robinson drove her Toyota into Babes Boys Tavern on Marlboro Pike.

Roughly two dozen customers were inside the tavern at the time of the incident. Several of the customers were lawyers, judges and off-duty police officers and firefighters.

“We were very lucky a few of the customers were off-duty firefighters and police officers who jumped in to provide aid to the victims until our units arrived on the scene,” said Mark Brady, spokesperson for the county fire department.

Robinson told police she was only going 25 miles per hour when she lost control of her vehicle after her breaks gave out, but the owner of the restaurant said it’s hard to believe a car going 25 miles per hour can run through metal barricades, an air conditioning unit and a cinder block wall. Even Brady said the car appears to have slammed into the restaurant “at a fairly high rate of speed.”

“Talking to some of the patrons and employees inside, they said it sounded and felt like a bomb had hit the building,” Brady said. “The ceiling shook and some of the panels fell. Additional brick and mortar were all over the place.”

A spokesperson for Prince George's County Police Department, Cpl. Harry Bond, said the incident is still under investigation by the department's collision analysis and reconstruction unit and it is up to them and the state's attorney if any charges will be filed.

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