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Former detective convicted of stealing brother's identity

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Published on: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

By Jim Davis

A former Metropolitan Police Department detective from Brandywine is facing up to150 years in prison for identity fraud and theft.

Jamell Stallings, 46, has been convicted of counterfeiting, identity fraud and theft after stealing her brother’s identity and using it to apply for several loan applications.

Stallings stole the social security number of her brother, Ronald Greene. Greene agreed to go with Stallings to Navy Federal Credit Union to open an account, but Stallings added her name as the joint owner of the account without Greene’s knowledge. Stallings then took out a $5,000 loan using her brother’s name and social security number.

Stallings also generated a fraudulent W-2 that indicated that Greene made $46,000 in 2006 by working for Brookstone Financial. John Kelley, owner of Brookstone Financial, said that Greene never worked for him, but Stallings’ husband, Thurman, did.

Stallings faxed the W-2 to Navy Federal from MPD District 5 in order to obtain the loan. She transferred $2,500 of that loan to her own account and then spent the other $2,500 on various items.

Stallings also used her brother’s name to take out a $13,000 automobile loan. When she got the loan, she forged the certified check that Navy Federal gave to her so that it reflected Greene giving her the funds, which she then deposited into her personal account. She immediately withdrew another certified check for $13,000 from her account and used that money to pay off her vehicle.

“Police officers take an oath to serve and protect the citizens of the jurisdictions in which they work,” State ’s Attorney Angela said. “Ms. Stallings not only violated that oath, she went even lower by taking advantage of her own brother to live a lavish lifestyle. Her selfishness has caught up with her, and she will have a long time to reflect upon her poor judgment.”

Stallings was convicted of three counts of counterfeiting, three counts of identity fraud and five counts of theft over $500. She is scheduled for sentencing on April 2.

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