Rising Stars - Noah Millhouse

2.17 RSOnlineLARGO – Noah Millhouse is something of a celebrity at Phyllis E. Williams Spanish Immersion School, where he has graced his class’ TV set on more than one occasion.

Millhouse is a first grade student at Phyllis E. Williams who, despite not starting immersion in kindergarten, has shown great progress and impressed his teachers.

“I’ve never seen him say, ‘I can’t do this.’ He always gives it a try,” said Evylyn Quinones, an assistant principal at the Spanish immersion school. “We’ve very proud of him.”

His favorite thing about his school is that it gives him the ability to learn a new language and learn about new cultures while studying his favorite subjects: math, history and Spanish.

And he doesn’t want to stop with just Spanish.

“I (want to) learn six more languages so I can talk to people in French and Japanese,” he said. “So, when people get hurt, I can ask them, ‘how did you get hurt?’ in their language so they can feel better and they can give me a hug.”

But beyond his achievements in school, Millhouse has taken part in meaningful activities outside of the classroom.

He took part in a Black History Month film where he talked “about the facts” to help others understand the importance of the month and Black History. Millhouse particularly liked learning about Rosa Parks and being told he could be the next president.

“(I liked) that she wrote next president and I was talking about the facts,” he said.

Millhouse also has a big heart and focuses much of his attention on making sure everyone around him is doing okay.  He constantly talks about wanting to help others out and make them happy.

“When you help people feel better and they’ll stop crying,” he said. “And everyone will be happy.”


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