Rising Stars - Nabrina Coates

3.17 RS onlineSUITLAND – Art could very well be Nabrina Coates’ middle name. If someone were to name a visual or performing art – she is probably knee deep in it.

“I love music and I don’t know what I could do without music,” Coates said. “I just love to sing. I could be doing anything and just bust out singing.”

Coates is an eighth grade student at Drew Freeman Middle School – a student that likes to keep busy. She is involved in numerous activities at her school including band, choir, national honor society, the music honor society and cheer. She is also in her church choir and dance group and the Boys and Girls Club.

She is the incoming president of the music honor society and has received MVP honors for both cheer and choir.

Marvin Burton, Jr. is the choral director at her church as well as the choral director at Drew Freeman Middle and Suitland High schools and has also known Coates since she was seven years old. He said it has “been awesome” to watch her grow into the person she is.

“She’s always shown interest in creative arts, always been outgoing, always had a leadership role – not only at the church but at the school,” he said. “It’s been a ride, a journey. I always knew she had potential but now I’m seeing the flower bloom.”

Burton, Jr. said Coates is the type of student that is upset with a c grade and is always seeking knowledge. He sees leadership skills in her as well as creative innovation – teachers he said would help her in her quest to be a teacher.

“I want to be a kindergarten teacher because I love little kids and I love to teach,” she said. “I like to give people information they don’t know so that I can help them understand.”

“Even at some down points in her life, she always find the light at the end of the tunnel, which is pretty dope,” Burton, Jr. said. “And I’m proud of her for that.”


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