Sentinel Student of the Month - Aminah Majied

3.17 SOTMSUITLAND – The dream for Aminah Majied is to one day see her name, and her stories, on the big screen and make a difference with her films.

Majied is a senior at Suitland High School in its creative and performing arts program, specifically in TV production, but said she didn’t go into her high school major to focus on one facet of production. The major combined her love for writing and stories with her interest in film.

“My goal is first to go to college, and after that I would like to use my skills to write screenplays and directing and producing them. And then maybe write novels in-between projects and sometimes turn those novels into screenplays,” she said.

The love she has for film and writing was not always present, though. When she was in grade school Majied loathed writing, but with the help of a few encouraging mentors at her elementary school, she quickly learned to love the possibilities storytelling gave her.

Now, her arts major keeps her plenty busy as she devotes hours to every facet of film making – the writing, the casting and the overall production.

While screenplays, novels and film are her calling, Majied has not kept to just her major while at Suitland. She participated in five Advanced Placement classes including AP Calculus and AP Psychology, the school newspaper, a broadcasting club and the national honors society.

While her courses and intense visual arts major have kept her busy, they have not kept her from obtaining a 3.9 grade point average.

“I’ve loved my experience at Suitland,” she said. “It’s like a second family. My TV production (class) is like my second family away from home.”

Majied believed the rigor she sought out at Suitland will prepare her for the next step in her life. For college, she has her heart set on Drexel University in Pennsylvania, where she likes the co-op program. She has not heard from Drexel yet, but her back up is Point Park University.

She plans to study film and video and screen writing.

“I just have my mind open to all the possibilities,” Majied said.

In 10 years, Majied hopes to have graduated college, produced a few films and released three novels, but she said her future is about more than just benchmarks and possible awards. She wants to make a difference with her art.

“I feel really focused right now on equality as a whole,” she said. “I feel like I want to take that into the film industry. I want to insert that into my films. I love watching all sorts of movies but you don’t notice anything’s wrong until someone points it out to you – and what about all these other (minority) people who need a role model? Who are they going to look up to?”


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