Rising Stars - Wysan Longstreet

5.12 RS OnlineTEMPLE HILLS – Although Wysan Longstreet is only in fifth grade, he already knows his goal in life: he wants to create a cure for cancer.

Longstreet is a student at Panorama Elementary School who is known for his kindness and eagerness to learn in the classroom. His teacher, Terri Ross, said she is not surprised at all to know that someday he wants to find the solution to one of the world’s saddest problems.

“It’s not about him, it’s about everybody else. He tends to look at things like, ‘let me put them first.’ He’s just a great kid,” she said.

Reading and science are Longstreet’s favorite subjects as both lend themselves to new information constantly. He said he loves to read because books hold so much new information and there are always new words to discover. Similarly, Longstreet loves a good science experiment because they, too, provide him with new information.

“It’s interesting to me. I think books are a gateway to learning for me,” he said. “And I think learning will get me far in life.”

Longstreet said he also has an active imagination that will help him discover new ideas and dream big.

He dreams of one day going to college to study chemistry and become a scientist who “creates things.” Specifically, he said he wants to use his abilities and knowledge to either help people or entertain them.

“I think I might create a cure for cancer,” Longstreet said. “I feel bad for (people with cancer). They have to fight for themselves and I want to help out by making a cure for them, so they won’t have to be fighting 24 hours a day.”

On top of his caring nature and need to help others, Ross said Longstreet is a bright student whose independence and leadership inspires other students to stay on task and rise to his level. He’s on honor roll every quarter, she said, he reads on a seventh grade level and he is a constant winner of citizenship awards.

“He’s just the leader because he’s going to show them what needs to be done, but more so he just keeps everybody on task,” she said. “He likes to help them get where they need to be.”


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