Rising Stars - Patricia Young-Maldonado

11.17 RS onlineADELPHI – Patricia Young-Maldonado’s teachers said she is something of a quiet force at Adelphi Elementary School. She’s the type of student who leads with actions and kindness.

Young-Maldonado is a sixth-grade student at the elementary school who finds her passions in reading, writing and making her own way in the world.

“I don’t try to fit in with others. I try to be my own self, my own person,” she said.

She dreams of one day being a lawyer because she likes to debate, though she said her mom thinks she will be a author.

Her teachers, Glynnis Ogbogu and Amanda Ostria, said there is a quiet grace to Young-Maldonado, that she is a self-directed leader who takes it upon herself to be the “big sister” and take others under her wing.

Ogbogu, who teaches math and science, called Young-Maldonado a model student who has “mastered everything she has to.” She is already working on some seventh grade curriculum.

“She has a very kind spirit about her,” Ogbogu said. “I do have students in the room that have trouble sometimes and she’s very good about helping them without making them feel ashamed about the fact that they’re having trouble.”

She also has a big presence around her school. She is a former member of student council and is currently on the school’s gold committee, as well as the school’s safety patrol, where she serves as the patrol’s captain. That puts her right at the front entrance as families walk their students to class in the morning.

Despite being in a leadership role, Ostria said Young-Maldonado always gives direction with a smile and treats everyone fairly.

“I’ve never seen her exclude anyone and people naturally gravitate toward her because she is so sweet to everyone,” Ostria said. “And she’s very true to herself.”


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