Rising Star – Phoebe Coleman

2.18 RS PrintSEABROOK — Phoebe Coleman has always had a knack for analyzing characters and imitating them.

Her mom, LaVerne, noticed this quality when Coleman was just two-years-old.

“She was two when she started really zoning in on characters,” LaVerne said. “She would just stare and when she was at daycare, people would say she didn’t talk, but when she started out she was really just paying attention – watching people, how they move and everything.”

She made her first YouTube video when she was 3, singing gospel songs and LaVerne noticed her daughter light up.

“This is what she was born for,” LaVerne said.

They started with dance classes, but Coleman quickly told her mom that her real passion was in acting.

“It just makes me feel really special and makes me feel great,” Coleman said.

Coleman is a seventh-grade student at Imagine Foundations at Morningside Public Charter School who is already working on making her dreams come true. She is an all-star at school, participating in honors courses, peer mediation and takes leadership roles in the classroom.  Outside of school, she participates in Pee Wee Piano music classes and hip-hop dance classes. She has maintained straight As throughout.

While she is an all-star in academics, Coleman is also a star in her own right. She is an actress, a signer, a songwriter, a dancer and a young lady with a passion for positivity. Her interest in acting began at an early age as she quickly ate up any movie her mom put in front of her.

“School’s important,” she said. “But I do always make time for me to study acting and singing.”

Since discovering her passion, Coleman has acted in two films, two music videos, an advertisement, five theater productions and a radio promotion. She writes songs about believing in and standing up for yourself, dances in several different genres and plays musical instruments.

In the future, she sees herself as a motivational speaker and as an example for young women that you do not have to conform to any standards to be spectacular. She wants every person to know they can be themselves and succeed.

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