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Student poem: Skin Color

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Published on: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Skin Color

As the whip sounds, the scream of a hard working slave

Sacrificing so much for a life they didn’t ask for

In order to have the freedom we have today

From then to now are own kind judges each other

Not by our character but by our skin

When I look back I wonder

What’s the difference

Light skin Vs. Dark skin

Why does it even matter

I mean when the red and blue lights of a police car

Are flashing behind you signaling to pull over

And the glance under the racist cops sunglasses

He doesn’t think they’re light skin “I’ll let them go” or

“They’re dark skin, their doing something wrong”

You’re black and that’s all he thinks

You’re either too tan to be white

Or you’re too dark to be close

Then when you’re in court that same white guy

Who was going 10 mph

Above the speed limit gets off with a warning

And you, you get a fine all due to the officer’s word

To a person of a different race it truly doesn’t matter

But to our own race it makes all the difference

Jokes amongst our own about being so dark

You can’t see them in the dark

But no jokes on someone being too light

It can’t be blamed on one’s self

About where their parent’s, parent’s came from

But instead be looked past

As I once heard it’s like there is a slave owner

Who still has control of people he let go years ago

Taylor Marshall

James Madison Middle School, 8th grade


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