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Pyramid Atlantic opens new home in Hyattsville

PyramidAtlantic 01HYATTSVILLE – In a newly renovated building that pays homage to its history, donning industrial themes, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center opened in its new Prince George’s County home on Saturday.

The arts center celebrated its county grand opening with a Summer Soiree, welcoming city leaders, the county executive and even state officials through its doors.

The new center boasts three stories full of artists’ studios, a performance space, classroom space and room to hold a wide array of artists’ tools. Although the interior mixes the old and new and looks like it took years to create, the project took Pyramid Atlantic approximately a year, said Pyramid Atlantic’s outgoing Executive Director Jose Dominguez.

“This is a great example of how great Hyattsville is in terms of working with Hyattsville and negotiating a lease and getting everything built. It probably took us about a year,” he said. “And you count that when we were trying to work with Montgomery County, negotiating a lease and never getting to the building part – that took us six years.”

In fact, County Executive Rushern Baker III and Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth took a little pride in enticing Pyramid Atlantic away from Montgomery County.

Hollingsworth said when EYA began building townhouses in Hyattsville off of Route 1 a few years ago, it was seen as “taking a risk” because there was a possibility of it being a bad investment. But Hollingsworth said Pyramid Atlantic represents a turning point for Hyattsville.

“Pyramid Atlantic being here means a lot more to us than just having an arts organization. It has exhibited a few things,” Hollingsworth said. “One is that I don’t think anyone is taking risks anymore on Hyattsville and Prince George’s County. I think people are betting on Hyattsville and Prince George’s County.”

Hollingsworth said developers now know Hyattsville is a great place to be, and Dominguez agreed. He said the arts center has loved being in Hyattsville and went as far as to say that Hyattsville was “awesome.”

“The residents who have come in have just been so excited and supportive and so happy,” he said. “Its really just been so wonderful, so wonderful to be here.”

In the past several years, Pyramid Atlantic has not been the only arts organization to call Hyattsville home. With ArtWorks Now, Pizza Paradiso, EYA and Kiplinger all building and moving into the city, Hyattsville and the entire Arts District are quickly developing and becoming dense.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center finds itself in the center of a thriving Arts District that includes Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, the Brentwood Arts Exchange and much more.

“We are a part of just such a great, rich community and we’re so glad to be a part of the Hyattsville arts corridor,” Dominguez said.

Both Hollingsworth and Baker said the city and county are also glad Pyramid Atlantic is now a part of the community.

Hollingsworth said she knows new memories are going to be made in renovated buildings and Baker said Pyramid Atlantic will add to the “great story” of Hyattsville.

“When you have a great story, people want to be a part of it,” Baker said. Pyramid Atlantic has a great story - it has a really great story. Hyattsville has a great story. College Park has a great story. Riverdale has a great story. Brentwood has a great story. Prince George’s County has a great story. It’s a time that people want to be a part of. So this is another part that is going to make this vibrant community attractive to people, not only going to come to spend money, but live, (and) to bring their children.”


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