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Tips to Keep your Family Safe during Halloween

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The Prince George's County Fire Department provides Halloween Safety Tips, Courtesy Photo

The Prince George's County Fire Department provides Halloween Safety Tips, Courtesy Photo

Published on: Friday, October 25, 2013

By Jim Davis

Halloween is just around the corner and Prince George 's County Fire Department wishes to inform  county residents about the following safety tips so that all might enjoy a happy and safe Halloween.

 Children's costumes should be made of flame resistant light-colored fabric or have reflective qualities. The costumes should be short enough so as not to interfere with walking. Children should use facial makeup rather than masks so children can see easily.

Children should only use flashlights while walking from house to house. Parents and children should have a planned route and a planned time to return home. Parents should always accompany younger children.

 It is advisable to visit the homes of persons you know or local familiar neighborhoods, stopping at well-lit houses only. As a general rule, children should avoid entering homes or apartments and always travel with a companion.

Children should always use the sidewalk when going to house to house and avoid walking near major highways. Children should be extremely careful walking up a driveway of a house. Many accidents occur when motorists are backing vehicles out of driveways, unaware of the presence of small children.

Children should wait until they return home before eating any Halloween treats to give their parents time to examine all items closely. Treats that are unwrapped, or that show signs of having been opened, should not be eaten. Fruit should be sliced into small pieces and checked for foreign objects. Keep small pieces of candy away from infants and very small children, as they can easily become lodged in the throat and cause choking.

People receiving trick-or-treaters should keep a light on and pick up obstacles that could cause a child to trip and become injured. Jack-o-lanterns should be kept clear of doorsteps and landings. Consider the possibility of using flashlights instead of candles to light Jack-o-lanterns. Keep dogs and other pets away from doors so children will not become frightened.

More holiday safety tips are available online

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