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Hyattsville column for Sept. 5

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Peggy Dee

Published on: Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Day trip to charming Smith Island

On Aug. 24, I had a lovely trip to Smith Island. With one of my seniors’ groups, we took the bus to Crisfield on the Eastern Shore. There we boarded the boat to historic Smith Island on the Chesapeake Bay.

Smith Island is actually a cluster of islands that make up Maryland’s largest inhabited offshore community. It is a unique venue accessible only by boat. Its residents are tied together by the seafood industry, hard winters and church suppers.

We enjoyed browsing the charming island with its narrow streets, designed for walking or cycling. Mingling with the locals and dining at the Bayside Restaurant made our day complete.

I would highly recommend this excursion to you, if you’ve never been. You will also enjoy the boat ride, which takes one hour from Crisfield.

Safeway to return to Hyattsville

Isn’t it exciting to know that Safeway will be returning to our fair city in two years? The plan is to build a new store at the University Town Center. The front of the store would face East West Highway. When Safeway closed its Hamilton Street location in February 2012, it ended a presence that had been here since 1928. The University Town Center has been struggling, and this new supermarket would serve as both an entrance and an anchor to the shopping center.

Final Jam Session

I look forward to seeing everyone at our final Jam Session of the summer on Sept. 13. Just Us will be performing. There also will be an open house at the Hyattsville police station.

Hyattsville history: 1968

Two members of the Citizens Advisory Committee presented ambitious proposals for modernizing Hyattsville. Frank DeLuca’s report, dealing with renovation and renewal, began with a recommendation for an economic study of the area under construction for urban renewal. He also recommended that part of the area include an office complex, containing a new municipal center. Angelo P. Leo told officials that money must be spent—or at least more effectively allocated—in order to affect any kind of urban renewal. He directed his remarks toward issues such as cleaning up various areas, increased robberies due to poorly lit streets, car and motorcycle racing, and improper use of BB guns, rifles and bows and arrows.

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