World Gone Wild

anita picAfter hearing about the two most recent shootings of black men in other states, as well as the shootings of five law enforcement officers and a few others in Texas, my heart and mind “double team” my thinking as I hear a persistent, painful inward voice asking both my heart and mind a series of questions.

As a nation of people, what can we do? What aren’t we doing? Are we strong enough to forge a war against the overload of violence that is continually growing like a bad case of mold?

Most of us would agree, before we can fully clear our hearts and minds from one horrific ordeal, such as the Orlando, Fla., another happens. Like weeds in my garden, as soon as I pull up a few, more return. Every time I turn on my television, there is barely anything wholesome. Never before have I seen the world in such a bad moral-conscious state.

Really? How many societal stabs can we take? The cuts go deep into our life veins in an attempt to demoralize us and to cut off circulation of love. Too much blood has been shed as a result of bombings, shootings and murders. My bandages are soaked with the blood of those who have lost their lives due to acts of violence.

My heart goes out to the family of the young college student who, after arriving in Italy, was murdered by a homeless man. Really? After slapping him upside the head, my question to this man would be, “Couldn’t you just have robbed him?”

One predator goes to jail, another is released. Another baby left in a hot car, another one is being born. Someone gets employed, someone gets laid off. I give so much to people begging on the streets, I forget that I need help too.

We march. We pray. We cry. We have talks at the water coolers. We search for answers and solutions to education, homelessness and poverty. We create conscious-driven slogans like “black lives matters.” I get it. However, when your family has become a diverse rainbow, either by marriage or birth, we must keep in mind THAT ALL LIVES MATTER! These plights cannot be the world’s new norm, but a chance to search our hearts and settle our own issues.

Surely there will be a day of righteous judgment and justice for all. We must let love and teamwork be our position.

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