Trump got it right on education

anita pic“Let children go to whatever schools they want to. Do away with lottery schools.

And add more open enrollment schools for gifted and talented children!”

This is what I heard president ial candidate Donald Trump yell through my television screen.

I heard it loud and clear, and somewhere in my mind, I recalled my exact same sentiments. For years, these thoughts have been in my mind, because we, the residents of Prince George’s County, deserve to have all of our gifted children enrolled in schools that allow them to utilize their talents.

I cannot understand why we have lottery schools. Why do we have far too few gifted and talented schools in Prince George’s County? Especially when the number of gifted and talented children outweighs the number of those choice schools throughout the county.

Truly, I am a Democrat; however, when I heard the “clenched teeth” Trump express his desired goal on education, saying that “he believes children should be able to attend any school they want to,” I agreed. I think Prince George’s County is working on making this happen, but they also need to include the transportation piece for those parents who otherwise select schools out of their child’s school district. Right now, as it stands, most parents would be responsible for providing the transportation to get their children to and from the school of their choice, even if the school is located in Prince George’s County.

My thought is if there are more than three students who attend schools outside of their school district (along as the school is located in the county), then they need to create more bus locations that are accessible for parents to drop off and pick up their children. Education is just too important to play with and the stakes are very high.

We, the parents, must think like Trump when it comes to our children’s education. Far too many parents fail to understand that we have the assertive power to provoke and promote change, as well as make suggestions no matter how big the thought.

No, this is not New York, where there are gifted and talented schools on almost every corner. Still, we should demand that more of our children be accepted into gifted and talented schools. For example, my 15-year-old has been hoping for several years to have her name selected for one of the lottery schools. It’s been more than four years now! No phone call.

Instead of waiting and hoping, I continually seek other ways she may express her artistic abilities in dance. Sometimes, like Trump, you have to clench your teeth and make some noise until someone pays attention.  

Last modified onTuesday, 26 July 2016 19:25
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