Common Cents: Take the Pledge to be a Prince George’s Saver

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Do you want to save more money, but haven’t gotten around to it?  Having emergency savings can reduce the stress of dealing with life’s hiccups, whether it’s an auto repair or loss of income, or to help avoid going into debt. 

The Prince George’s CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Campaign has launched Prince George’s Saves, a year-long initiative where county residents can make a pledge to save and receive helpful reminders and savings tips via text messages. Prince George’s Saves, a partner in the America Saves campaign, is helping members of the community build wealth through savings and the reduction of debt.  

Prince George’s Saves provides tools and tips to help Prince George’s Savers reach their personal financial goals.  Residents set their own saving goal, which can be any amount, by going online and completing the pledge form.  They will then receive goal-specific text messages. Text messages will come in the form of tips to help find ways money to save, as well as advice and reminders on saving for the person’s specific goal.  Standard text messaging rates apply and texts will start about within 2 weeks of signing up.  There are approximately 3 texts a month.

In addition, free in-person financial education classes are also being launched in the county and can be found through the Maryland CASH Academy, an online calendar and registration system for fact-based, non-biased financial education classes.  The first class, “Pump Up Your Piggy Bank,” will be offered Thursday, March 6th at Unity Economic Development Corporation’s offices located at 5801 Allentown Road #308 Suitland, MD 20746. The class will explore common and not-so-common ways to maximizing your spending plan so you can "pump up your piggy bank" with savings, including:

$1·         The pros and cons of various savings tools (from stashing the cash at home to savings bonds and bank deposit accounts)

$1·         The distinction between "spending less" and "saving," and

$1·         The wonders of compound interest.

Register for the class at

Here are a few tips on ways to save money:

* Set a savings goal. Create a visual reminder of the goal. This could be a picture to put on your door, or even a piece of paper in your wallet with the savings goal written on it.

* Put money towards your savings goal in the beginning of the month. If you wait until the end, there may not be any money left over.

*  If you use a checking account, think about setting up a separate savings account. Set up automatic transfer from your checking into your savings account at the same time each month. 

*Create a savings box with your family.

Instead of getting pizza for dinner one night, put that money in the savings.

*Collect loose change and put in a jar. Watch it grow and at the end of a month, take it and deposit the money into a savings account.

Join the many other people in Prince George’s County who have money in savings and enjoy the feeling of being able to handle an unexpected cost without going into debt. Pledge to be a Prince George’s Saver by going online to

“The Prince George’s CASH Campaign, formed in 2013, is a coalition of asset building organizations seeking to increase the financial security of Prince George’s County residents by expanding opportunities for free tax preparation, financial education and banking and savings,”states Betty Habershon, who leads the Campaign with the support of Prince George’s Community College.  Partners include non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, governmental agencies, financial institutions, educational institutions and others. Interested parties can contact the Campaign at 301-583-5218 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the Maryland CASH Campaign: The Maryland CASH Campaign is a statewide network of organizations that promotes programs, products and policies that increase the financial security of low-to moderate-income individuals and families across Maryland. Maryland CASH advocates on behalf of these families, as well as provides financial education programs such as the Maryland CASH Academy Their partner organizations provide free tax preparation sites offering access to appropriate financial services and benefits screening.  For more information, contact Ms. Robin McKinney, Director of the Maryland CASH Campaign at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 443-692-9422.

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