Baker and Alsobrooks Endorse Frosh for Attorney General


Democratic Maryland Attorney General candidate Sen. Brian Frosh (D-16) picked up two high-profile endorsements from Prince George’s County Wednesday.

During a mid-morning press conference at his re-election campaign headquarters in Lanham, Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker III and State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks endorsed Frosh saying their full support is based on their work experiences with him.

Frosh is competing in the June 24 primary against Delegate Aisha N. Braveboy (D-25) and Delegate Jon S. Cardin (D-11). The winning candidate will face off in November against republican Jeffrey N. Pritzker and libertarian Leo Wayne Dymowski to succeed Attorney General Doug F. Gansler, who is running for the democratic nomination for governor.

Baker described Frosh as a personal friend for more than 20 years. "When I went to Annapolis in 1994, the first committee I served on was the judiciary," said Baker. "And one of the individuals I worked with was Senator Frosh. What I learned most from Brian at that time was how to take progressive views and shape them into actual policy. It's not enough to have these views if you cannot shape how peoples' lives are impacted. So, it wasn't about making speeches in Annapolis. It was about getting the work done and that is what Brian has done both in [his] professional life in Annapolis and his legal career. It's about the character and the quality of the individual.”

Baker said his friendship with Frosh is not the only reason for the endorsement. Friendship alone would not be enough for me to endorse Brian for attorney general. Critical issues face the county and the state, he said, and Frosh’s accomplishments show a dedication to solving those problems.

"Whether it is his work on gun control that he has done over the years he's been in Annapolis, or whether it is the work that he's done in the environment, or the work that is close to us in Prince George's County on foreclosure, he is going to be a terrific attorney general."

Alsobrooks said her and Baker’s endorsements were no-brainers.

 "We share the same perspectives in so many different ways. Anybody who knows me knows how much I care for our children, how much I care for their safety, [and] how much I care about all of our families,” Alsobrooks said. “I have found in Senator Frosh those same concerns as we worked as well to make sure children were protected in their household [and} that they didn't have to unduly experience domestic violence and themselves become victims."

Alsobrooks applauded Frosh for leading the way in getting legislation passed to address rape-by-proxy and handgun use in the commission of a crime.

Alsobrooks and Frosh have not always agreed in the past. Last year, when Frosh hesitated to support legislation adding time to an offender's sentence if a crime was committed in the presence of a child, Alsobrooks says that Frosh voiced his concerns to her with complete transparency.

Alsobrooks said Frosh told her he felt the country incarcerates more people than any other industrialized nation and that he had an ethical obligation to be thoughtful careful before he supported legislation that would add to what he considers is already a problem.

“That was a seminal moment I think in helping me to understand that he was someone I had to support," said Alsobrooks. "This man is a man of great integrity and even though we won't agree today or in the future on every issue, nor should we, I just know in Senator Frosh that we have a person of great principle and that is what is most important to me—work ethic, integrity, principle, knowledge. His record speaks for itself.”

Frosh hailed Baker and Alsobrooks for their leadership in Prince George's County, saying the endorsements are big boosts for his campaign.

"I want to say that I look forward to continuing our collaboration," Frosh said. "I think that the kind of cooperation that we've had over the years can continue and reap benefits for the people of Prince George's County and the entire state."

Baker and Alsobrooks are running unopposed for their respective offices in June's democratic primary. Neither has opposition in the November general election.


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