Police make arrests in motel homicide

vaughnbellamy-barryfoxx-mugs-pgpd 296COLLEGE PARK – Prince George's County Police arrested a 23-year-old man Friday and charged him with the murder of a prostitute last week. 

Last week police found 25-year-old Catina Cortes dead in her room at the Ramada Inn motel on the 9100 block of Baltimore Avenue. Friday morning, detectives from the Prince George's County Police arrested Vaughn Bellamy, of Northeast D.C. They also arrested Barry Foxx, 24, of Temple Hills, Md., for assisting Bellamy.

Police department spokesperson Julie Parker said Bellamy has been charged with first and second Degree murder. Fox has been charged with accessory after the fact.

Police arrested the men at Bellamy’s home, Parker said, and recovered a handgun which they believe was used in the murder said Parker

Bellamy became a suspect after police searched phone records and determined Bellamy was the last person Cortes, a prostitute, made before she was killed in her motel room, said Major Cesar Pacheco, commander of the criminal investigations division of the Prince George's County Police Department.

"Cortes was a prostitute had been arrested before by county police in the past," Pacheco said. "We attempted to reach out to her to help her to get out of the lifestyle she was living, but she was not interested,” said Sgt. Dave Coleman of the county police’s vice intelligence unit.

 "This is tragic reminder of the danger nested within the sex trade,” Coleman said. "We are here for any woman who wants to get out of the sex trade. We will help them.”

Both suspects are in custody at the county’s correctional center without bond.

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