Mardi Gras comes to Six Flags

Ragin Cajun Roller CoasterUPPER MARLBORO – Six Flags America’s new spinning roller coaster—the Ragin Cajun—opened to the public Saturday in the park’s recently opened Mardi Gras section.

The Ragin Cajun seats four people in a green and yellow, alligator-themed cart, and is the park’s first roller coaster to spin independently as it jolts guests through its high-speed turns and drops.

“Ragin Cajun, with its spinning car, is the first of its kind at Six Flags America and offers guests a completely new type of thrill,” said Rick Howarth, park president. “Riders get a good taste of the excitement of Mardi Gras as they zip, spin, twist and turn on this fantastic new ride.”

The ride’s 1,378-foot track takes guests on a two-and-a-half minute thrill ride. To ride it independently, guests must stand at least 45 inches tall. Those standing more than 36 inches may ride if accompanied by a guest taller than 54 inches.

Park guest Samantha Nimmo, 16, said she has been to Six Flags several times and the Ragin Cajun is now one of her favorite rides after getting an early opportunity to try the coaster.

“I’m not usually good with roller coasters—like my stomach quenches and the drops usually get me going. But for this ride the drops were crazy and my hands were up the whole time. I was happy. My stomach felt fine, I loved it; it was awesome.”

In addition to the park’s ninth roller coaster, Six Flags is also unveiling a family-friendly ride “French Quarter Flyers,” which takes pairs of guests flying around in cars at up to 40 miles per hour for a five-minute ride, with a moveable front wing that allows them to control their flight.

The two rides are the centerpiece of the park’s new Mardi Gras section, said communications manager Havilah Ross, and were inspired by guest’s requests for an exciting new area to replace what was previously the “Southwest Territory.”

“Everyone knows what Mardi Gras is,” Ross said. “It’s a party, and its fun and we really wanted to spruce up this area and make it more exciting. So that’s what we did.”

The Mardi Gras section opened in April after about a year of planning, Ross said, and the construction of the new rides took about a month.

The area also includes existing rides which have been renamed to fit the theme, new games, food and drink options, and festive music and dancing bringing the section to life.

 “I think it’s a great addition to the park,” Nimmo said.  “It adds a lot of flare, just so many different opportunities to do around here.”

Season pass holders were given an exclusive opportunity to ride the Ragin Cajun on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. before it opened to the public.

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