McNamara boys beat Flowers 68-52 in summer league

basketball-hoopIn a game that looked one sided in the beginning, Bishop McNamara high school basketball team came out on top against Charles H. Flowers winning 68-52 Thursday evening. 

“We have expectations,” said McNamara assistant coach Jason Moore. “I think we’re one of the deepest teams outside of DeMatha High School, and I think that’ll help us. I think that’ll help us go really deep into the playoffs, but whatever happens, happens. We’re hoping to take it all the way.”
One of the key players who stood out for McNamara was sophomore guard Jamir Moultrie, who scored 15 points. Moultrie said he was excited about his teammates’ performance Thursday evening. 
“I feel like we played as a team,” said Moultrie. “Everyone who came off the bench had great energy, and that really helped us out.”
McNamara point guard Ernest Jenkins also had success, scoring 11 points on the night. 
“We played more up-tempo today, and got a lot of fast break points,” Jenkins said. “We got a lot of steals and turnovers and gained a great amount of easy layups. We shared the ball a lot, and I believe that’s what got us the win.”
Although his team did not get the win, Flowers guard C.J. Warmen enjoyed individual success with 16 points. He said the team just needed to execute better.
Flowers head coach Mark Edwards said his players are in the process of learning lessons that will help them along in the long run. 
“I would love to win every game in the summer league,” Edwards said, “but I want us to learn the lessons that will help us be better when it’s January, February because that’s when it counts.”

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