Carjacked?SUV?crashes into McDonalds

police-car-lightLANDOVER HILLS – A carjacked SUV slammed into the side of a McDonald’s restaurant Tuesday morning and caught fire, according to the Prince George’s County Fire and Police officials.

Around 5 a.m., the fire department and a collapse team responded to a McDonald’s in the Capital Plaza Shopping Center in the 6200 block of Annapolis Road for a report of a car in the building, with the building on fire, according to officials.
“When units arrived on the scene, they reported an SUV in the side of the building with a small fire,” said Mark Brady, a spokesperson for the Prince George’s County Fire Department. “The fire was small in nature and was quickly extinguished.”
Police say the crash occurred when an SUV?careended into a minivan after a man allegedly stole the vehicle moments earlier.
Just before the crash, Prince George’s County Police responded to a reported carjacking on Annapolis Road. Police determined the stolen SUV was the same car that careened into the McDonald’s.
An adult male, who has not yet been identified, allegedly approached an SUV stopped at a traffic light and requested a ride, according to Officer Harry Bond, a public information officer for the Prince George’s County Police Department. When the driver said no, the suspect implied he had a weapon, prompting the driver to leap from the SUV and run down the road, police said.
The SUV hit a minivan on the road as it headed to the Capitol Plaza Shopping Center. After hitting the minivan the SUV veered into the McDonalds.
"It looked like a scene from a movie," said Gregg Mills, who was in his car waiting in line to pick up a coffee and Egg McMuffin.
The suspect was transported to a trauma center with non-life threatening injuries, Brady said.
The suspect, who police apprehended after he leapt out of the car after the crash, is facing a number of charges, Bond said. The driver of the minivan is fine and did not have any injuries.

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