An Open Letter to Governor Huckabee

hainesDear Governor Huckabee,

Certainly not by creed, but by centuries-long practice, racial prejudice remains a festering pustule on the American psyche. Your erroneous comments last week, asserting that the Dred Scott vs. Sanford decision remains the law of the land, make it abundantly clear how institutional racism remains ‘a thing’ in 2015.


Forks Up: Party of Two Food Review

Cammys cruise 358This column is dedicated to our fellow food lovers who know what good food is and don’t take it for granted!

Have you ever had a friend or family member tell you about a restaurant, but you weren’t quite sure if you would like it? Let “Forks Up: Party of Two” be your go-to resource for restaurant reviews. We will tell you if the restaurant is worth the trip. We will visit every type of restaurant located in Prince George’s County with a mission to expose the great tastes of the county to local residents and out-of-towners. Find out how many forks we rate each restaurant, with one fork being the lowest and five forks being the highest.


Dismissing the factory model school

hainesIn his new work “Between the World and Me”, Ta-Nehisi Coates laments the hypocritical nature of the message he received in the Baltimore City Schools, “I was a curious boy, but the schools were not concerned with curiosity. They were concerned with compliance.” When managing misbehavior replaces academic instruction, intellectual development is stifled.

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