Spiritual empowerment in schools

anita picAs a multi award-winning youth and social activist and pastor, I pledged from my heart to always leave space on my list of things to do to host social outreach programs that empower youth and teens. This is my passion and claim to fame as a recipient of over 130 awards for empowering youths, families and communities.


Moving forward with the Common Core?

hainesSince 2010, school systems across this nation have been altering their instructional programs to follow the guidelines of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with mixed results. The outcomes have been uneven for many of the same reasons that other past reforms failed to perform uniformly across school systems, with inadequate training time being chief among them.


Visions: We need to support our law enforcement

anita picIn spite of some of the most controversial and highly publicized news topics involving the unjustifiable behavior of police officers in various states, the actions of some certainly do not disqualify all officers the right to carry a badge and gun in the name of law enforcement.