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Hyattsville column for Sept. 13

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Peggy Dee

Published on: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

By Peggy Dee

Pepco pruning

Pepco has been in our neighborhoods pruning the trees, which will provide its customers with safe, reliable electricity in a cost-effective manner. Pruning trees allows Pepco to maintain reliable electric service. Keeping trees properly pruned also minimizes the possibility of downed wires, electrical contact and electrical fires, all of which can be dangerous to the public. They can also damage or kill healthy trees. We have been so fortunate in Hyattsville. Our power outages have been few and far between.

Hyattsville Elementary celebrates 95 years

Many of our residents attended the recent 95th anniversary of the Hyattsville Elementary School. Originally, the first three grades were located at a school on Gallatin Street. Third through sixth grades were included in the school located at 43rd and Jefferson. When the Gallatin Street location was closed, the first three grades were merged with the main school.

Former City Councilman Doug Dudrow has lived in our fair city his entire life and attended the elementary. He recalled that when children were misbehaving, they were told to sit out in the hallways, until the teachers would permit them back into the classrooms. A hot lunch was available each day for 35 cents. Televisions were not permitted in the classrooms, except when the American and Russian space liftoffs occurred. On Halloween, the children were permitted to wear their costumes to school and parade around the neighborhood. There was no school bus and not as many family cars. Most of the children lived in the neighborhood and merely walked to school. Not as many snow days were given to the children in these days gone by.

The Gallatin Street location was torn down in 1971; a tiny park rests there today. Doug says part of the brick patio in his backyard was built from the bricks of this school.

A very happy 95th anniversary is extended to Hyattsville Elementary School, and we hope the school has many more.

Hyattsville history: 1961 

Regarding the construction of the municipal building, Harry Boswell, Jr., informed City Council that his father, having not heard from the city, would seek a court injunction against construction of the building. The suit was abandoned before the year was out. After reconsidering, City Council dropped the original low bid because Tester and Sons had failed to return the bid within the required 10 days time. Therefore, James L. Partello, Inc., was declared low bidder at $837,517.

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