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Parent Pointe: Use your parent power

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Published on: Wednesday, May 08, 2013

By Anita Naves

I wonder if most parents of school age children and teens really understand or recognize how much power they possess in regards to their student’s education.

If so, why do so few parents show up for parent/teacher conferences? If so, why is the number of parents who fail to attend PTA meetings so high? If so, why are there parents who do not respond to mediation regarding their children’s aggressive behaviors?

And, more importantly, why were their only a handful of parents present at the conference citing County Executive Rushern Baker’s desire to take leadership over the Board of Education, which represents more than 300 public schools throughout Prince George’s County. 

As an educator, community activist, religious leader and a former parent liaison advocate for the county school system, I have seen all of these scenarios, as well as lending my involvement to most of them. No longer can parents afford to be a silent and unattended voice in the background expecting the school system to care about our children and to manage the education and behavior of our children.

Parents, who have children or teens in school, should take bold stands that advocate for the best that Prince George’s County Public Schools has to offer to make education better for our children — whether it’s now or in the future.

As parents, we need to assertively address unsatisfactory issues or conditions, whereby not only our children are concerned, but also inclusive of the misconduct of principals, teachers, daycare administrators and all who come in contact with our children on a daily basis. 

As a parent, I believe it would be beneficial for the county executive to be involved in education to a greater extent, considering this is one of his passions. I can still recall the first time that I met Rushern Baker; it was during one of his many campaign events. From the beginning, he has always expressed his desire to improve Prince George’s County’s public schools. Based on experiences from my own life, I know that anyone with a true undaunted passion will succeed with positive results.

With my power as a Prince George’s County Public Schools parent, I would say one thing to County Executive Baker and the Board of Education, as they work to make our public schools more profluent, efficient and successful: Why not consider adding a few parents to the equation?

Parents may have a history and have made an impact as volunteers, or there may be parents who have advocated to make situations better.

As a parent, I never want to lose my power to make a difference where my child’s education is concerned. I believe one of the best things in the world is not just being a parent, but being a parent with a voice, followed by action, in order to make a difference. 

Take the pledge today, and pledge to use your parent power!

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